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Calling gifted girls: Apply to join the African Science Academy today

Calling gifted girls: Apply to join the African Science Academy today

The African Science Academy (ASA) is seeking applications from the best and brightest girls in Africa. The innovative new school, opened in Ghana in August 2016, has launched its selection process for its next cohort of students.

The academy recruits girls with a gifted ability for mathematics and the sciences. It runs a 12 month pre-university program, training students in science and computing, whilst supporting them to apply to top universities in Africa and worldwide. Students also enjoy a world-class careers speaker series, with high-profile women, such as Facebook software engineers and Oxford University professors, inspiring students every week.

With just 24 places available, the selection process at ASA is highly competitive. Students across Africa will sit an entrance exam, an interview, and write essays to demonstrate their commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Thanks to a generous scholarship and bursary fund, ASA guarantees that “no student selected will be turned away” due to financial need.

ASA’s first Head Girl is Ibukunoluwa Aribilola, from Oyo state, Nigeria. A graduate of The International School, University of Ibadan, Aribilola says: “Before I came to ASA, I did not expect to fit in, but it is a very welcoming environment and the staff and other students quickly made me feel at home. For those who want to come to ASA, they should expect to be stretched academically and personally, to be met by huge diversity, to have lots of good food, to be surrounded by friendly staff and peers and most importantly to have lots of fun!”

African Science Academy was opened by the African Gifted Foundation, which aims to be a catalyst for the widespread provision of gifted education across Africa. The charity has been running exciting summer science academies for hundreds of African students since 2010.

The dream? Founder of ASA, British-Nigerian entrepreneur Dr. Tom Ilube, has big ambitions for ASA graduates. “I want our students to send a message to the world that African women are more than capable of taking their place alongside anyone, anywhere in the world of science. When one of our ASA students goes on to win a Nobel Prize for Physics, I will be content.”  For his exceptional philanthropic and educational work in Africa and the UK, Ilube has recently awarded the No. 1 position as Britain’s most influential black person.

African Science Academy stands good company alongside other dynamic African education institutions, like the African Leadership Academy (South Africa), and Ashesi University (Ghana). The rise of elite and innovative educational models in Africa is indeed taking the world by storm.

Who can apply to ASA? If you know a brilliant African female scientist or mathematician who is completing high school this year, tell her to apply to the African Science Academy before February 24th 2017. You might just change her life forever.

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