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How to check if your Browser is protected against Cyrptojacking

by Felix Omondi

The internet has becomes such as dangerous place these days, hasn’t it? While it has always been so, security countermeasures have been good so far to keep the user who employs due diligence pretty safe.

However, recent security developments such as Spectre, Meltdown, and cryptojacking are on a new level. So much so that even the most careful user is just a sitting duck waiting to be devoured.

But let us talk about cryptojacking here. Cryptojacking is the act of websites you visit installing JavaScript on your computer and begin using your processor for cryptocurrencies mining. It has become so rampant with the recent rise in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptos. Site owners who are not satisfied with monetizing their content by running ads have now turned to cryptojacking. Some sites are getting hacked and the scripts for mining gets embedded without the owners’ knowledge.

Whichever the case, you as a site visitor probably doesn’t take it kindly that someone will use your computer resource without your explicit permission. And since the browser remains their gateway into and out of your computer, we are going to share with you how to check if your browser is secured against cryptojacking.

Cryptojacking tests for web browsers

The tell-tell signs that your computer has been cryptojacked is that it will run slower than usual. You will hear the fan running faster and making louder noises than usual; in an attempt to cool down the processor, which is clocking faster than usual.

Opera Software was the first to release an anti-crypto mining protection on browsers; the Opera browser was the first browser to have a guard against cryptojacking baked natively. That is to say, you are protected against cyrptojacking when you are browsing using Opera browser.

Security experts and engineers at Opera Software took it a step further and created a site that you can visit to tell you if the browser you are using is protected against cryptojacking or not.

Visit right now to check if your browser is protected from the stealthy jacking. Click on the Start button to run the test.cryptojacking

The results will either be you are protected or not protected. If it is the latter, the site will suggest you download Opera browser to become protected. It is only fair Opera Software to use the platform to drum up support for its browser, but there are other ways you can protect yourself on your alternative browser.cryptojacking

If you are using other browsers other than Opera, your options are as follows:

Install extension that protects you from JavaScript mining scripts.

Start using Opera browser with the ad-blocker turned on

Install security software that keeps mining scripts at bay

Disable JavaScript for untrusted sites

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