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Civilization: Beyond Earth Game Review

by Fahad Saleem

Civilization: Beyond Earth Game Review

The “Civilization: Beyond Earth” is a masterpiece from Sid Meier that is an expansion of the Civilization 5. It is also a spiritual successor of the Alpha Centauri that was rather disappointing. The game involves challenging plots and long-running strategy series. This article reviews some of the eminent features of this wonderful game.

civlization beyind earth 5

Game Plot

This game takes you to the era after the events took place in Civilization 5. The humanity has ruined the planet and now has to restart building life all over again and potentially commit the same mistakes all over again. Various nations shoot for another spherical mass for strategically exploring, exploiting, expanding, and then exterminating one another.


The core ideas involved in the game are quite interesting and you have to devise good strategies to overcome the problems faced by humans. The game starts with your faction landing into an entirely new world. You have to plan for the long term affinity of the generation. It is up to you to create a world with your strong hold or focus on the remaining humanity with purity.

civlization beyind earth 4

Stories Involved in Game

As you build on the game, you will learn more stories. You will learn how people begun worship at your Old Earth Relic, or how an invasive plant species from Earth has begun to spread. The stories always involve a choice related to the bonus from the building. You may also ignore the narrative stories if you desire.

Customizable Game Speed

The real fun of the game is playing at it a faster pace than the normal. You can finish the game in a single day. You can also explore all the possibilities along the way. You can also explore large maps and long plots of the game.

civlization beyind earth 3

Tremendous Improvement Over Civilization 5

In many ways, Beyond Earth feels fresher than Civilization 5. The four years of experience and adjustments has resulted in a great game in the form of Beyond Earth. You will praise the amount of new ideas and concepts such as the miasma fog covering some tiles.

civilization beyond earth game

Other Fascinating Features

Apart from the strong relation to the historic fights and scenarios, Beyond Earth also offers some other fascinating features. The players will have access to trade, oceanic level, diplomatic options, and covert ops in for less than an hour.

civilization beyond earth game

Flaws in the Game

As with any other game, Beyond Earth also has some flaws. The major part of the espionage interface stopped working. You cannot see what happened to your spies deployed in cities. When users upgrade the unit, the portrait of the unit will be overlaid with one of the basic vehicles. The review version doesn’t run beyond 1368×768 resolutions.

civilization beyond earth game


The revamped version of Civilization 5 in the form of Beyond Earth is really a wonderful and entertaining game. Apart from a few flaws, you will appreciate the plot, strategy and graphics of the game.

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