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Despite the anti-campaigns by US, Huawei is thriving in 40% of the World’s GDP Countries

us anti-huawei campaigns

The United States government would hope for the entire world to scrutinize the Shenzhen-based telecommunication company Huawei. Especially when it comes to sensitive matters as government sovereign ability to keep its affairs secret from a foreign company; and by extension foreign governments.

The US has ‘been ranting’ for a couple of years now, that Huawei telecommunication infrastructure and devices have backdoors. These doors could be opened for the Chinese government to spy in on users of the infrastructure and devices.

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These are accusations Huawei has time and time again come out to deny. However, some countries that may be considered close allies to the U.S. have now started either going slow or completely halting further engagements with the Chinese telecommunication company.

Huawei beat iPhone as world’s #2 smartphone vendor

Despite these anti-Huawei campaigns, the company seems to be winning, and winning very good, in countries that are not such close allies to the U.S. Currently, the company is the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world, after taking that title from Apple. The company is now hoping to wrestle the number one position from South Korea based Samsung.

In 2018, the company’s net income jumped by 59.3-billion yuan ($8.8 billion). The total revenue for last year stood at 721-billion yuan, a 20% increase from the reported revenue in 2017. That is to say, the U.S. anti-Huawei campaign has only managed to slow down the growth acceleration rate. It has not stopped its growth by any stretch of the imagination.

Huawei’s full-throttle on Cutting-edge Chips and Cloud Services business

The company is now said to be working on cutting-edge chips and expanding its cloud services. It is also a leader and pioneer in the supply of 5G mobile network to telecom companies across the world. That is for telecommunication companies looking to adapt to the next generation of wireless communication.

We will do everything we can to shake off outside distractions, improve management and make progress towards our strategic goals,” said Guo Ping, one the Huawei’s three rotating chairmen.

The US vs Huawei battel will be won in the Developing Nations

While the US has made considerable dents in Huawei’s plans to enter Western Countries economies. The developing nations across Africa, South America, and Asia seem unbothered with the warnings coming from the US and its allies.

Huawei is also on a charm offensive, launching a multi-pronged campaign to capture markets all around the world. You can tell this, from among other things, the recent move by the companies top managers to start giving interviews to the media.

Take, for instance, Ren, who has been on several interviews recently. Despite the fact, the company’s top management seemed to give the media a wide berth in the past. Getting an interview with them for any media house was not easy.

Nations accounting to over 40% of the world’s GDP has either fully embraced Huawei, or appear not hiding the warning by the US against the company. That is no mean feat, since the company is coming from down-to-up on the world’s telecom companies rankings, and not from the top-to-down.

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