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How To Disable the Transparency Effects on iOS 7.1 [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

How To Disable the Transparency Effects on iOS 7.1 [Guide]

When Apple released the iOS 7.1, they had fixed and improved on the many bugs and snags that were in the iOS 7. One of the main things that the iOS 7 offered was a translucent finish on many of the UI elements. Some people loved this effect, while others did not. Many did complain that some elements were a bit too translucent, and had them dizzy while using the device. Now that iOS 7.1 is out, Apple has outdone itself by fixing that issue as well as giving users the option of reducing transparency to whichever level they deem fit.

Below is a step-by-step process on how you can adjust the transparency level to your desired level:

  • Step 1: Make sure your firmware is updated to iOS 7.1 as this feature is only available in iOS 7.1.
  • Step 2: Go to the home screen of your device and tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • Step 3: Open up the “General” area, find and tap “Accessibility”.
  • Step 4: After the “Accessibility” area is opened,  you need to tap on “Increase Contrast”. This will take you to the place where you can reduce the transparency.
  • Step 5: Activate the “Reduce Transparency” option and there you go.

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If you successfully followed the above steps correctly, your visibility will be much more enhanced when you navigate through various menus and keyboards. But if you don’t like the changes this option made, you can always toggle off the “Reduce Transparency” to make things how they were originally. iOS 7.1 is obviously no major update, but it had addressed many of the small and annoying problems with the operating software. Major updates on the look of iOS, usability and overall functions won’t occur until iOS 8, but there are reports some significant changes will occurring, hopefully they are carefully planned by Apple and implemented properly so users won’t have anything to complain about. Surely a new look to iOS might be coming soon because of the mediocre response to iOS 7’s new look. With Android running far ahead, expect Apple to make some bold changes to iOS very soon.

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