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Download Classroom of the Elite Season 2 on Crunchyroll with BBFly Crunchyroll Downloader


In this article, we’ll examine Classroom of the Elite Season 2 and provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to use BBFly Crunchyroll Downloader to download your preferred Crunchyroll episodes and movies and watch them offline. Now let’s read!

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Classroom of the Elite Season 2


Kōdo Ikusei High School is regarded as being the best school in Japan. It exemplifies Japanese brilliance with its ultramodern facilities, state-of-the-art tools, 100% admittance rate to the Grandes Ecoles, and assurance of obtaining the desired career. In this business, points replace cash and let you make whatever purchase you want (food, games, consoles, etc.).

Each student begins with a starting balance of 100,000 points, or 100,000 JPY. At first glance, Kōdo Ikusei High School seems to be a true paradise, but in reality, only the Elite students are treated favorably while the others are under dominance. According to how well the class performs in terms of grades and behavior, it receives a set number of points each month.

The classes are divided into four groups, A, B, C, and D, going from the best class to the worst, based on the total number of points, which is considered a S system. In addition, any student who earns a mark on a written exam that is lower than or equal to half of the class average will be expelled from the school. Kiyotaka Ayanokji is believed to have “negligent” during his entrance exam for “some” cause.

He is consequently sent to class D, the lowest level in the entire school where all the “lower” students have been put in order to be made fun of. In an effort to improve the class’s grades and points, Kiyotaka Ayanokji decides to collaborate with the two female students in his class, Suzune Horikita and Kiky Kushida.

The pupils in D-class are going to have to compete in another group test after having so much success in the island competition. There is a significant shift in the nature of the examination; it is now in the form of a game that evaluates the cognitive abilities of the participants. All of the students in classes A through D have been separated into 12 groups, each of which is named after one of the zodiac signs. The “VIP” member of the opposing gang is sought for by each side.

This “exam” had a disruptive effect on the overall spirit of the competition amongst the classes in the other areas. The most talented students in each class, such as Katsuragi and Ryen, have already attained the goal of the examination; how are they going to win?! In the meantime, Kioytaka’s interest was sparked by Karuizawa.

Release Date

July 4, 2022


We anticipate the main voice cast to stay on for the second season as well as any potential future seasons because it is an unwritten law in modern anime adaptations.

The cast members of the original Classroom of the Elite who will be back for seasons two and three are listed below.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is voiced by Shya Chiba.

Suzune Horikita is voiced by Akari Kit.

Kikyou Kushida’s voice actor is Yurika Kubo.

M.A.O. provides the voice of Airi Sakura.

Ryta Saka provides the voice for Yousuke Hirata.

Ken Sudou, Kanji Ike, and Haruki Yamauchi, respectively, are voiced by Eiji Takeuchi, Daiki Abe, and Mutsuki Iwanaka.

Download Classroom of the Elite Season 2: with BBFly Crunchyroll Downloader

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