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Easy Ways of Finding Emails From Twitter


An increasing number of B2B businesses use the opportunities of Twitter to achieve their goals on the daily. The platform has gone far beyond facilitating sharing instant news with friends and followers. It is a massive tool for brand promotion. Consequently, if a company wants to succeed, they and their employees can be found on Twitter.

In separate cases, it is enough to follow them. But if you have more significant plans, like collaboration, for example, you can’t do without their email address. The first shot is to check out one’s Twitter bio, hoping that the address is indicated there. Yet, only a few professionals out of thousands will grant you an opportunity to get it from this field. One only has 160 characters to express what they have to say about themselves, their job, and their interests. So, they won’t spend around 20 characters on email addresses.

Luckily, there are more efficient ways of finding out someone’s contact details on Twitter. Most of them don’t even imply messaging this person directly, although it is an option. Let’s see how helpful Twitter can be for you in this respect.

Try Your Luck on Twitter

It would be wonderful if everyone had an email listed in their personal details on Twitter. But as said, a rare page will give you that information. Moreover, a lot of professionals do that on purpose, not to get distracted with tons of emails.

However, a bit of luck, a bit of deduction, and some time spent online can help you find the address of the person you need. The first thing to try is to follow the company’s link your prospects have on their page. Almost all CEOs of large corporations and smaller businesses will leave such a link.

But if not, don’t get upset. The company name will do, too. Just search for it in your engine, and you’ll find any company’s website in no time. Once you get there, open the Contacts page and find the emails you need.

If your prospect’s Twitter profile has neither a link nor a company’s name, you will have to get a little more creative. Pay attention to one’s tweets. There, you can find some hints on where this person works and even external links. After you do, follow the instructions from the previous paragraph.

Look for More in Twitter Threads

A lot of users see Twitter as a platform that has to do with entertainment and lifestyle. Yet, as we have mentioned, it has started being widely used in the professional field. Threads are one of the reasons why it is possible. This is an even more productive way of networking than checking out occasional tweets, and you can find a thread for every area you might be interested in. By digging a little deeper, you will probably find all the links to track down the email address of a person you want to reach out to.

Use One’s Real Name on External Sources

On many social media platforms, including Twitter, users prefer not to mention their real names. On the other hand, it doesn’t concern professionals working in B2B and other areas. These people usually want to be found and contacted when needed. Above, we’ve described a method where you had to browse a company’s name. Here, you might do the same with a person’s real name.

Mind that using Google or any other engine can be more or less helpful. However, it would be much more efficient to search on acknowledged platforms like LinkedIn, Opportunity, Xing, Jobcase, etc. Each of them provides one with a chance to find useful connections, as many professionals are registered there. Naturally, they share their contact information, and their emails are easy to find. Just enter one’s real name in the keyword search field, and, in most cases, you will be able to contact them. Using these platforms might be more effective if combined with handy extensions. They will find individuals’ addresses and reveal employees email address formats of famous employers, just like Airbnb, Uber, Google etc. We will definitely discuss them below.

Sending a Message on Twitter: Effective but Risky

But before, let’s take a look at one of the most controversial ways. The methods described above don’t imply that you will get in touch with the people whose emails you search for on Twitter. But if they don’t work, you can try and send them a message asking to share their email address with you. Note that this is more of a last resort, if:

this person doesn’t follow you on Twitter. In such a case, you should request them to follow you; and only after, you can ask them for their address. It all makes this process too complicated.

they occupy a really high position, or there are more reasons why you feel you shouldn’t bother them with your requests.

your recipient has plenty of followers, so your request or direct message might get lost in their inbox. Actually, after getting their address, it is equally important to draw their attention because their email inboxes are as busy as their Twitter accounts. But first things first. What to do if none of the ways described worked?

Get the Extension That Will Do All the Work

We’ve briefly touched upon such extensions previously. Among them, SignalHire takes one of the leading positions in accessibility and ease of use. Just as you browse for professionals on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks, this extension shows you individuals’ contact details. All of them! Any email address they use in their professional life, phone numbers, and links to all social media accounts they have — everything is at a glance in a neatly organized SignalHire pop-up window.

There are only several straightforward steps to take before you can fully enjoy the service’s features:


picking a plan,

installing the extension.

That’s it. And yes, the service is not free of charge, but using it to extract email addresses of Twitter users will pay off. But if you hesitate, try SignalHire for free. A free trial allows one to get five contacts. When you see how effortless it is, you’ll make up your mind quickly.

This may be done intuitively by most users, but the company offers a manual to make it even easier for you. Moreover, SignalHire supports candidate search within the extension itself. You can filter your prospects’ location, skills, contracts, positions, and company. And of course, you will get their email, alongside other details.

Mind that it can only work as an extension (Saas, Web-based, Cloud) but cannot be installed on your device or computer. Interestingly, you can work on your own or with a team you’ve invited. And you won’t be charged extra for the latter!

Twitter is an inexhaustible source of new contacts and the information to reach out to them. But as you can see, one must apply some effort to get the most of it. Or must they? Fortunately, there is up-to-date software that minimizes this effort.

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