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KFCB bans #Takataka song and makes it ever more popular

by Felix Omondi
taka taka

Reading the local dailies in Kenya, one would think Kenyan men don’t know how to handle rejection or settle disputes with the ladies they are courting. It is unfortunate that a number of ladies have been killed, some seriously battered and fighting for their lives in hospital with the perpetrators being a man.

So the body mandated by the constitution to check and regulate films (which includes movies, music videos) the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has resorted to banning a local song, which it claims encourages violence against women.

As KFCB puts it, “The song … is characterized by crude language that objectifies women and glorifies hurting them as a normal reaction to rejection. In line with the Board’s Classification Guidelines, which forms the basis of approving or denying approval of film content, the named song has obvious elements of incitement to violence against women by using repetitious emotional phrases and misrepresented facts.”

By banning the song KFCB has made it more popular

Today, the board issued a press statement letting the public know that the song has been banned. However, if you look at what is trending on social media in Kenya today. You will see the song among the top trends.

One would rightfully argue, by banning the song the KFCB has single-handedly given the artist and the song more fame. People are going online to YouTube to watch this song that the KFCB has decided to ban.

Judging by Kenyans on Twitter reactions:

Here are some tweets by tweeps reacting to the KFCB ban.


Looking at some of the tweets, and the fact it has been trending on social media. One would wonder shouldn’t the KFCB contacted YouTube to pull down the song before making a public announcement of its ban? The decision to make it public it is banning the song was a double-edged sword. A good number of people didn’t know about the song, but that is changing thanks to KFCB.

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