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Ensuring you’re a Financially-Savvy Entrepreneur: 4 Simple Tactics


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Being an entrepreneur means having to acquire a lot of skills and do it at a cut price. The many skills we need to acquire as we go usually mean we’ve got to put our finances above all else. But the fact is that so many entrepreneurs don’t have the finances to truly invest in the things that will help them in the long run. So what does it really take to ensure that you can keep your expenses low as an entrepreneur so you are able to have the appropriate education and foundations as an entrepreneur?

Using Your Phone Wisely

It sounds simple but ensuring that you can keep this device at a cut price is so important. You need your phone because it is going to be the oracle of information. And this means that if you end up breaking it, you need to use mobile phone repair stores. Look after your phone because this is going to be the most important part of your entire education. Not just because it is the way you are going to make or break deals, but it’s pivotal to how you access information and make the most of the free courses available online, and there is a lot out there. This Twitter thread is going to change your life as far as free resources are concerned!

Put Aside Cash for Taxes

One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have is thinking that they need to constantly spend on the things that are right in front of them. The reality is that a lot of entrepreneurs front-load their expenses, thinking that they are going to make the money back later but they continually neglect putting money aside for paying taxes. When you start to put money aside for taxes as you earn, this means you aren’t going to be scrambling feverishly for funds when it counts.

Separating Your Personal And Business Finances

Another common mistake entrepreneurs have when it comes to cutting their overall expenses is having the foresight to separate their business and their personal accounts. A lot of entrepreneurs use one money pot and everything comes out of it. A very simple thing to do is to have two different bank accounts, one personal and one business. When you start to separate both areas it’s going to ensure that you have a more streamlined approach to your finances, but it also helps you in terms of your mindset. Separating your business and your personal life ensures you are always going to have that chasm between the two, which is vital when it comes to having any semblance of work-life balance.

Staying at Home

Yes, we all think that we got to go out and have numerous meetings in order to build bridges, but the reality is that when we are starting out, we’ve got to keep the expenses low. Using as much of your home supplies as you can makes a big difference. You might be sick to death of staying at home, but the reality is that in order to be effective once you have to use this almighty component.

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