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Everyday home technology that you can leverage productively during lockdown


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to force many of us to stay indoors and interrupting the traditional workflow that many of us are used to, the movement towards home offices and work-from-home setups is increasing. Getting used to your new work from home lifestyle, and struggling to stay productive? For some inspiration, here are a few different ideas of home technology that you might have access to, and how you can use it in some productive ways that you might not have thought of.

Mobile phone

Your mobile is usually the number one distraction when trying to get work done, but if used in the right ways, it can be a lot more than just a machine to check social media and play games on. If you’re trying to use the tech in order to help you get your job done, for starters, you can actually download a lot of different apps you’re used to using at work in the comfort of your own home. Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and even things like Slack and Dropbox that you can use collaboratively have mobile versions.

Alternatively, if you simply want to be a little bit more productive than just scrolling mindlessly, why not use your smartphone to learn a new skill, one that you’ve wanted to try for a while? You could learn a new language using an app such as Duolingo which gamifies the process and makes it fun, or you could even learn to play an instrument, perhaps through an app or even through some tutorials on YouTube. Think about some of the different things that you want to achieve and use that super computer in your pocket to your advantage.


Obviously this one goes without saying, but your personal computer is your key to staying productive during lockdown, and either keeping on top of your workflow if working from home entirely, or for searching for new side hustles if trying to make additional income and make the most of your time.

Got some more time on your hands during the pandemic, and looking to make some more money using your skills online? Websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer and UpWork are great to set up on and get started. Remember to showcase your previous work in a portfolio of sorts, as it will show potential collaborators the quality of what you can do, and put you in with a better chance of getting work faster!

Virtual Reality

Have you invested in a virtual reality headset to play games with, or perhaps you have one of those cheaper headset attachments for your phone lying around that you haven’t used in a while? If you’re getting a bit sick and tired of the same four walls day in and day out, then this just might be your ticket out of here, if only for a moment. From using these with Google Earth to plan your next holiday, to meeting up with your friends in an immersive virtual space, there are plenty of different possibilities for this technology.

While the main usage for VR at least from a consumer-level and in-home perspective is for gaming and fun, a lot of different companies are using VR in some innovative and forward-thinking ways, bridging the gap and allowing users to experience the outside world even when stuck in doors. RWinvest, for example, a property investment company with many different offerings throughout the North West, are using VR technology in order to offer investors a virtual viewing experience and package from the comfort of their own home.

If you don’t have a virtual reality headset, but want to try out the technology, you can invest in an affordable cardboard unit online, that folds up and again uses your smartphone with a range of different apps that you can download for absolutely free.

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