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Fix: Pinterest Crashing Again and Again in Android

by Fahad Saleem

Pinterest is a famous photo-sharing app that has its peculiar and vast user base. But recently, many Pinterest’s Android app users have complained that their app is crashing again and again.

In the middle of using the Pinterest app, they see the following message:

“Unfortunately Pinterest has stopped”.

As you can imagine, the users don’t have any clue as to what caused the problem and what should they do to resolve it.

Pinterest Crashing Again and Again in Android

Well, there is a simple solution that has worked for many users and hopefully it will work for you too to resolve the Pinterest app crashing repeatedly problem.

The solution is to clear cache of the Pinterest app. This removes the memory blocks. Pinterest is a photo-based app and often clogs memory of your phone. Therefore it needs regular cache clearing.

Now, if you are not aware of how to clear cache of your Pinterest app, follow the steps below:

Launch Settings and open Apps or application manager.

Now scroll to Pinterest and hit the “Clear Cache” option.

Restart your phone. Start the Pinterest app. Hopefully you won’t face the problem again.


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