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FlexiHub : USB Over Network Software


FlexiHub is a software solution that allows users to connect and access the USB and serial port of a wide range of devices over the Internet or LAN connection. It facilitates easy access to other remotely located USB devices as if they are connected to your local PC. Even without the locally installed drivers, the software automatically recognizes the device when the USB peripheral is connected to your computer.

FlexiHub does not require any additional hardware – just a simple installation of the software on your computer will allow it to virtualize any device and make it available for remote access. USB over IP solution is compatible with any USB-devices like digital cameras, printers, scanners, hard disks, smartphones, etc.

It is a single-point access to various devices that are easily available to anyone and everyone from any part of the world. It can shift a large volume of data from a single place and is mostly used by hospitals and schools to access real-time patient and school data, respectively, from remote locations.

Features and USP

Many USB device servers lack software support and make it hard to be used with Mac. But what makes FlexiHub unique is that it is a multi-platform solution meaning that it can be a USB server for macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android operating systems.

Other than this, many advantages will convince you to choose FlexiHub over any other server.

The software works over any distance.

If there is no direct visibility between two devices, the traffic is sent through FlexiHub’s Redirection Server, which in any case a win-win situation for you!

It facilitates access to an unlimited number of USB port devices.

It allows sharing the USB devices over the Ethernet and connects them in real-time, irrespective of whether you are under a subway tunnel, across the town, or on another side of the world!

FlexiHub’s own Redirection server can establish a connection without any need for an IP address. In simple words, you won’t have to deal with the complex configuration settings.

With the ‘Keep Connection Active’ feature, you do not have to worry about your data if the Internet connection is lost. It will wait for the connection to be restored and will secure your data without any damage.

There can be a situation when a direct connection between two devices cannot be established. FlexiHub is a solution for that as well! With the UDP communication protocol, you can connect with computers hidden behind NAT’s- A technology used for IP address translation and mapping.

Security being its priority, the data transferred between the USB devices is secured and out of the hands of unauthorized entities with FlexiHub’s 2048-bit SSL encryption.

Lastly, it creates login tokens that enable users to use your account to connect to USB devices without you having to share your login credentials.

A high utility app with excellent and accurate functionality looks like futuristic software in the tech industry. Download and install the app on your computer, choose the USB device from the list and click the connect button next to it. That’s how easy it is to enable access to any digital device. The Personal and Team subscription plans also allow creating a free demo account for review and evaluation purposes. So what are you waiting for? Install it now!

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