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From Mowing to Mulching: Comprehensive Tips for Law Care Excellence


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For some homeowners, lawn and property maintenance can provide a moment’s refuge from a busy and stressful life. For others, it’s more of a necessary nuisance. Regardless of which category you fall into, you’ll want to mow and mulch properly so your efforts aren’t in vain. You may think lawn care is a simple process, but believe it or not, there are wrong ways to do it. You’ve come to the right place if you’re among the lawn care lost.

If lawn maintenance isn’t your thing, you can always reach out to a landscaping professional who has the time and the tools to keep your property looking tidy and inviting. There’s no shame in hiring a crew to do the chores you don’t have the time or interest in.

Tips To Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

Mowing your lawn is an essential part of ensuring that it’s healthy and always looking its best. How and how often you mow yours could make the difference between a lush green lawn and a weed-filled mess. Regular mowing stimulates its growth, resulting in a thicker lawn with stronger roots that can help to crowd out unwanted weeds. Here are some tips to keep your grass looking thick and lush.

Change Up Your Mowing Pattern

Some homeowners mow their lawns using the same pattern and paths each time they fire up the mower. Depending on the property, some simply mow in a circular pattern, rows, or even diagonally. However, to avoid building up ruts in the lawn, especially if your mower is particularly heavy, it’s best to vary your mowing pattern each time you cut the lawn.

Cut Grass to the Proper Height

Depending on your specific species of grass, cutting it to its proper height is key to maintaining a beautiful lawn. However, no matter what type yours has, there is one commonality. Lawn care experts agree that you should never cut more than one-third of the height of the grass. Doing so could be stressful for the lawn and will require the grass to use more energy to grow.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

One of the worst things you can do to your lawn while mowing it is doing so with a dull blade. Dull mower blades leave the trimmed grass with frayed and torn tips, opening them up to disease. Cleanly cut blades of grass will grow and regenerate much faster. If you’ve forgotten the last time you sharpened yours, it’s probably time.

How To Properly Use Mulch

Mulching your property not only gives it a clean and tidy look but also provides much-needed shade for tree roots during hot summer days, retains moisture, and provides a barrier to retard weed growth. However, it’s not as simple as tossing it around trees and flowerbeds. There’s a little more to the process.

Choose the Right Type of Mulch

Most homeowners prefer to use organic mulch, but there are several types available, each with their pros and cons. Bark mulch is probably the most common type of mulch to use around trees, shrubs, and flower gardens. It lays down easily and decomposes slowly. Wood chips are also a popular choice. Others prefer to purchase weed-free hay to use as an all-natural mulch. Pine needle mulch can also be used. However, it can create a more acidic environment.

Use the Proper Amount

It’s possible to use both too little or too much mulch. When it comes to this type of ground cover, using too much is not only wasteful, but it could also provide a safe harbor for unwanted pests. Using too little won’t retain moisture or shade tree roots from the hot summer sun. A good rule of thumb is to lay down a layer that’s approximately two to three inches thick and ensure that it’s spread out evenly.

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Best Times To Lay Down Mulch

Although inexperienced lawn care homeowners may believe they can mulch at any time of the year, industry experts mostly agree that early spring is the best time to tackle this task. During this time of rebirth, it’ll give your property a nice, fresh look after a long, cold winter. Springtime mulching also helps to retain moisture while hindering the growth of unwanted weeds.

Mowing and Mulching: Everything You Need To Know

Keeping your lawn and gardens looking their best requires a little bit of knowledge, some effort, and a whole bunch of time. However, it is necessary to keep its curb appeal and maintain the value of your property. Some enjoy the process and find it calming and therapeutic, while others don’t find any enjoyment in it at all.

Busy homeowners or those who are incapable of performing lawn care chores can employ landscaping professionals who can do the job for them. They’ll do it the right way, using the best equipment and supplies to whip your lawn and property into shape.

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