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Ghana’s eCampus emerges winner of the SingularityU West Africa Global Impact Challenge

by Milicent Atieno

The winner of the inaugural SingularityU West Africa Global Impact Challenge is eCampus. A Ghana-based on-demand exams/test preparations and self-paced online learning platform. This digital campus provides a simple and friendly user interface and user experience fashioned to improve student retention and recall rates of up to 95%.

The SingularityU West Africa Global Impact Challenge, was on its inaugural run, following a recent launch through a partnership of Ghana’s MEST. The challenge was on the lookout for innovative moonshot ideas emanating from startups. These ideas must demonstrate positive impact in the lives of the community within which the startups runs, in addition to the potential of scaling operations and have a bigger impact on at least a billion people within a decade.

The SingularityU West Africa Global Impact Challenge run

The challenge was open to all residents and citizens of all the West African countries, who had moonshot ideas with the potential of solving some of the biggest global challenges. It kicked off with applications stage, where the most promising startups were chosen as the finalists.

The finalist then embarked on an innovation workshop in Lagos, where they were taught how to leverage on technology and some of the latest tools available to entrepreneurs. The workshop was followed by a pitch event, also held in Lagos, and the Ghanaian eCampus came out as the winner.

eCampus pitch in a nutshell was, it wants to put classroom into everyone’s palms and revolutionize the education field. Essentially it is an e-learning platform, one that enables the learners to control the learning process by choosing the topics or subtopics to learn. The learners also benefit from hints and reminders that are automatically generated by the system based on the student’s performances and difficulties identified during their learning process.

How eCampus works

You need to sign up and open a user account. From there, you can search the topics you want to learn about and follow the content options; Read, Listen, Watch, Practice, or Discuss. All the while, you earn points as you continue using the online learning platform.

eCampus platform has a dashboard where you can set up your profile pictures, view your subscription status and your points among many other things. The e-learning platform is also available across different platforms; Android, iOS, Windows Phones, and BlackBerry.

eCampus walked home with a full sponsorship to attend the Global Solutions Program at the Singularity University (SU) in Silicon Valley at the NASA Research Park. The program will run from June 17 to August 17, 2017

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