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Gilat Telecom gets license to operate as an ISP in Zambia

by Milicent Atieno
Gilat Telecom

Gilat Telecom, formerly called Gilat Satcom has secured a license to operate cloud and fixed broadband services in Zambia through its subsidiary company based in that country. The license was officially received from the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA).

With the license, Gilat Telecom Zambia says it targets to meet the growing demand for ISP services from businesses in Zambia. The Zambian market is reported to be experiencing a rise in demand for high quality and reliable broadband services. The telco, will further provide a wider range of managed services that are currently limited in the country.

The launch of Gilat Telecom Zambia, should be good news to businesses in the country as the company has made a good name for itself in being a reliable and affordable ISP. The multinational company has established well-regarded wholesale business and data centers across Africa with public cloud supported by POPs in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and now, Zambia. It also has another successful ISP company, the Gilat Telecom Uganda, from which it can copy relevant business models that can be successfully implemented in Zambia.

The ISP’s cloud services package include Service-As-You-Go model. Meaning business in Zambia will no longer need to purchase, update and regularly maintain their hardware and software. Gilat Telecom will provide all that via the cloud using the state-of-the-art technology that constantly updates the system and always available.

Many businesses in Zambia are still waiting for a high-speed quality broadband service. Gilat Telecom Zambia will fill that gap in the market – an offer a wide variety of additional services which can be customized to help our customers better manage their communications and IT infrastructure leaving them more time to concentrate on growing their businesses,” said Dan Zajicek, the CEO of Gilat Telecom.

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