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 Housing Startup Comfy Makes Life Easier for Students

by Fahad Saleem

Housing Startup Comfy Makes Life Easier for Students

For a college student or a person who is not able to generate much income and wants to live near a university campus, the task of finding a place to live in is a pretty hectic and difficult job. This is where Comfy comes in to help these people. Comfy is a student housing startup. It facilitates the students to create a list of all the requirements for a place to live. These requirements may include location, budget and number of rooms. This facility is available for almost all the major university campuses right now. After the student creates a profile of requirements, he is then put into contact with the managers of the apartment complexes within 24 hours, who then do business with them.

This whole project is based in Austin, a place which is rapidly growing. In a place like this, it is very difficult to find a cheap and fit-for-student place to live in. Seed funding of about $600,000 was raised according to Comfy. This seed was led by the partner of Dominion Ventures, Mike Lee and many other generous investors.

According to the founder of Comfy Jordan Wright, Comfy is collecting data about what type of places do students prefer to live in and by the help of this data, they are making the process of finding a place to live in for new students easier.

This service is free for students and apartment complex managers alike. But according to Wright, they are going to make this startup a means to generate revenue. They will be charging a commission or a fee from the property dealers and apartment managers. This revenue will be used by Comfy to develop its technology and enhance its reach. This will also help improving the process of finding the required apartment for students.

Last year, Comfy was initiated in the college city, Provo in Utah. About 30 percent of the student population there, which is almost 50,000, signed up to comfy. Other usage numbers of Comfy were not shared by Wright.


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