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How have HTML games evolved in recent years?


Gaming is a sector that succeeds due to constant innovation. That can be seen in the way online gaming has used improved internet connectivity to flourish. Game developers are also continually exploring ways to attract players and make their titles better. For many, this sees them choosing to create HTML games.

But what exactly are HTML games? In simple terms, they are games written and developed in the HTML coding language. They are usually played online, via a desktop or mobile device. HTML works so well for internet use and makes for great online games that are fun to play.

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HTML games are nothing new, but there has been a rapid evolution in what they offer. It is seen most starkly in what the latest version of HTML (HTML5) brings to the table. But exactly how have these games changed over time?

Improved graphics

Let’s face it – the early HTML online games didn’t always look great. This was especially true when you compared them to console or PC titles. HTML is certainly something that has evolved positively over time, though. The best HTML games now look fantastic and can even involve flashy 3D graphics. The improvements to the coding language have allowed game developers to produce titles that now look detailed, sharp, and aesthetically pleasing. From Runfield to Hex GL, there are some excellent games to try in this category currently.

Superb multiplayer HTML games

Another stage of the evolution in HTML games is the greater multiplayer scope that many have now. From Clash of Clans to Town of Salem, many modern games in this language offer a much-improved multiplayer experience. It allows players to head online to play with and against others for a truly amazing gaming experience. This was not always the case when poorer global internet connectivity, less advanced tools for creating multiplayer online titles, and lack of demand for this way of playing games hampered things.

More variety

HTML games have grown in popularity a lot in recent times. While this has much to do with the rise of mobile gaming and online gaming in general, it is also down to the games themselves. The sheer number and type of games you can play in this language have grown massively over time. This means you have a wide selection of HTML games to play online in all the major genres. They cover everything from sports to action, puzzles, hyper-casual games, classic casino games, and more. Even a quick look at the large number of HTML5 online slot games with their great variety of themes shows this to be true.

Better storylines

There are several ways game developers keep players interested – deep storylines are one. Many of the new style games created in this coding framework boast much better storylines than older titles. HTML games now offer just as an enjoyable experience as playing games made in other languages on console or PC. As the game developers have used more sophisticated tech to build games with more immersive gameplay, the games themselves have offered much more to players.

HTML games have grown up

Anyone who used to play older games made in HTML can instantly see the evolution in modern titles. From how they look to how they play and how they now make social gaming online easy, this type of game has come a long way. Much of this is down to our changing tastes as consumers. Now that online gaming is more popular, especially via mobile, developers have begun to put more time and effort into producing HTML games for us to play. When you also factor in the latest internet and game creation tech that developers now have to use, it is easy to see why these games have evolved in the way they have.

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