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How the TheTruthSpy App gives you Parental Control on Steroids

by Felix Omondi

TheTruthSpy app gives you real-time and on-demand complete with notifications parental control over your kids’ devices.

The expectations of responsible parenting dictate that you set certain hours during which your kids can use their devices. That includes electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Outside those stipulated hours, you can physically confiscate the devices.

Also, while they are using those devices, you also control which applications they can use and websites they can visit. However, the expectations for responsible parenting when it comes to electronic devices have since changed. Nowadays, more parents are finding themselves working and living some distance from their kids. Especially parents whose work demands that they travel away from home, or they have since separated from their spouse.

Parenting is increasingly becoming another task people can execute over the internet. While that does raise a lot of debate about the suitability of ‘helicopter parenting,’ but the bottom line is, we all agree some parental control is better than none at all. Yes, ‘helicopter parenting’ is much better than never having an idea of where your kids are up to, who they interact with, where they go, and things like that.

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TheTruthSpy App, Parental Control on a new higher level

There are many instances where as a parent, you will proactively let your kid use electronic devices. Especially, now with the COVID-19 pandemic where most social events, including schooling and socializing with friends, is happening online. As we mentioned earlier, you cannot be physically present all the time to monitor what your kids are doing on these devices.

That is why you need to ‘helicopter parent’ your kids; hover above their digital activities as you monitor and control. Well, there is this app TheTruthSpy App, which does the job better than most alternatives in the market.

The best features on this app include:


Monitor Internet Activities – TheTruthSpy App enables you to monitor all internet activities on the target device. That includes the list of websites visited, frequency of visits, duration of their stays, and their timestamps. This feature is particularly important if you want to audit your kids’ online activities and make informed decisions on which websites to allow and which ones to block.


Logs of Multimedia Files on the device – This parental took enables you to get access to all photos, videos, and audio recordings captured by the target device. Yes, even those files that have since been deleted from the device. This feature will enable you as a parent to know what your kid is recording and perhaps sharing with others online. Thus, you can intervene and stop anything bad from being shared by your kid.


Notifications – While you can always hop in and check the target device’s activities. TheTruthSpy App gives you the option of sending you alerts in the event certain activities take place on the target device. That could be an incoming or outgoing call or SMS from a certain contact. If they use a certain app, enter, or leave a certain location.

GPS Tracking – This app will let you know where your kids are in real-time on a map. You can also see their route history alongside with their timestamps. So if your kids keep skipping classes or you suspect they veer off their expected routes. This app is for you.

See Incoming/Outgoing SMS – Kids nowadays spend their time with their heads bowed down to their phones like some zombies. They will only raise their head up to giggle. TheTruthSpy App will quickly bring you up to speed with what they are giggling about.

Voice and Call Recording – This feature allows you to remotely eavesdrop on your kid. As it works out, you can remotely trigger their device microphone to start recording sounds in the surroundings and get the playback in real-time. Such a handy feature especially if they tell you they are somewhere, but in reality, they are somewhere else. You can also get a playback of their call recording, which allows you to know not just who they talked to, but also what they talked about.

Social Media Chat Monitoring – These days most text chat happens not via SMS but on social media chats. That includes Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. TheTruthSpy app allows you to see their chat across these social media platforms.




How to get the app

Well, getting the spy app is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is go to the developer’s website and download it to the target device. Next, you will need to install the app; it works on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices. That means you can monitor all your kid’s devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

After installing the app on the target device, you then embark on the following three steps:

1. After the app is installed, you can go to ‘Settings’ to your desired features. Note, the first 48-hour of use is free under a trial period where you can access the full features without paying.

2. With the app installed and running, you can now log in to your TheTruthSpy App account. From the dashboard, you will get various reports on the activities happening on the target device. Note, you can log in to your account using a browser from any other device to monitor the target device.

3. Once the first 48-hours lapses, you will be required to make a purchase to continue using the app.

The Need-To-Know T&Cs

While TheTruthSpy App can be used in a lot of situations other than a parent wanting to know the whereabouts of their kids. You need to be very careful not to break the law in your attempt to use this app to spy on other people.

For instance, it can be used in the instance of an employer wanting to track their employees on company-issued devices. However, in other instances such as tracking your spouse without their knowledge would be completely illegal. So would be installing the app on your kids who are no longer minors without their consent.

You will need to tread carefully not to cross the fine line between what is legal and what is illegal. That said, you may want to read independent TheTruthSpy reviews to get further information we may have not included above.

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