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How to buy video games for cheap


Where to find cheap games online? Which website is the best? These two things are quite important. In fact, if we can’t buy our favorite games at reasonable prices, how can we look forward to their release date? Luckily, if you are low on money, you’ve got a way of cutting back. In the first place, avoid preordering games.

The second thing is even more important: Wait for the cheap deals and discounts! It will require some patience on your end as you won’t be able to get discounts in the first few months after the initial release, but it’s worth waiting. If you were wondering how to buy games for cheap, check out the list below.


The Website that compares all the video game offers in one place, allowing users to find the best deals on all the games cdkeys available and save up to 80%.  All you need to do is search for the game you like, and it will pop-up all the best deals available. The site lists all products from steam, origin keys, epic games cdkeys but also deals for Nintendo Games, Xbox Games, PlayStation Games, PC cdkeys, so all the major consoles are pretty much covered. It takes in consideration the products sold by official stores but also other resellers like Instant-Gaming, GreenManGaming, Fanatical or G2A. The site now has the largest variety of websites they check in order to find the cheapest offer for you.

Is There Any Deal  – Like Cdkeybay but pricey!

It is a website where you can compare video games. Not only does it compile almost all Play Station, PC, and Xbox games currently available, the website also sorts them next to each other and rates them by discounts.

The best features of this website:

  • Set the price and wait. Set the price you consider to be affordable, and you’ll get an email or notification once the game can be found at that price.
  • History of price change. You can check the prices from months ago and see if the current deal is actually good.

If the prices will be your only criteria, this platform is what you’re after. However, this site also shows stores that sell games without discounts.


This website doesn’t search the whole internet for the best deals, but it will give you a quick and detailed comparison.

Two functions users find helpful: “Cheapest ever” reveals a game’s cheapest rate ever and how long ago the game could be found at that price. “Price notifications” allows you to set a price range and get a warning whenever the product drops under it at any of the monitored stores.

If you go to their deals list page, you can sort the deals using the “Deal Rating” option. It will determine if the deal is actually worth it based on price, discount, meta score, and similar. It could be a handy feature, as well!

Humble Bundle

This website was established in 2010 as a digital library with discounts and donated a large percentage to the charity. The first several packs mainly had indie games, but the offer is improved to include even triple-A titles and other prestigious products.

This website is famous because of its approach. They offer lots of games for PC, PS4, and Xbox at very affordable prices. Anyway, not all the best titles are available if you want to spend a minimum. But whatever option you choose, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with their offers!


This website is actually a game store. Good deals can be found daily, although you have to be patient if you want to buy the specific game at low prices. They sell PC games that you can play on Steam, but the best part is that you can buy PS4, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch games here at low prices.

Although Fanatical offers excellent deals on a daily basis, there are even more significant discounts if you can catch “hot deals” or “flash sale” offer. It also offers great packs with a similar genre of games, with additional discounts.


Without any doubt, this website is among the finest for daily deals. People are posting offers once they see them on the internet, get offers in emails, etc. Even though deals can be found in many different categories, Slickdeals is a good option for everyone.

Daily Game Deals

Daily Game Deals is not easy to browse compared to its competitors, but it works well as a “check once a day” sort of website. It’s a website that publishes once each day, talking about all the best deals on the internet.

Almost all of the dealers seem to be from the same sellers, such as Gamefly, Gamestop, Newegg, Amazon. All you need to do is sing up, and you’ll get notified every day about the bargain deals.

Cheap Ass Gamer

This website is controlled by a small team that keeps posting the new games offers they’ve read on the web. Cheap Ass Gamer compares prices on all platforms available, and you can even use a filter to choose only the once you really like. You can also check the prices from months ago and see if the current deal is actually good.


This website compares the cost of the PC, PS4, and Xbox One game keys. It doesn’t just scan the most popular retailer (for example, G2A and Steam), it also checks less-known websites finding deals. The platform also shows reviews for all its stores, enabling you to compare prices, but unfortunately some of the retailers are not


You may be interested in playing a game on numerous platforms, and that’s even more likely if you have both PC and a PS4/Xbox. If that’s the case, then DLCompare is the best retail website you could come across.

It compares the prices on all platforms, and you can see all the prices in one place. This ensures that you can quickly see if it would be easier to purchase a title for Playstation than from Xbox, for instance. Also prices are not up to date, when you click a deal you could often see that the price has changed on the other side.

A few words at the end

Don’t be afraid to try new platforms. We understand that it’s hard not to use Steam when you get used to it, but there are some very similar platforms out there offering much better deals. We hope this list will help you find the best offer for your favorite game. Make sure to check every website and figure out which of those websites suits you the most.

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