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How to change Gmail password

by Felix Omondi

I know, this article may look like a no-brainer. Something like how to change Gmail password should be right on your fingertips. But you will be surprised by just how many people see the Gmail platform as having too many whistles and bells. The only thing they know for certain is where to find their unread email, compose new email, and perhaps the spam folder.

The rest of the things therein we don’t bother trying to understand what they are, what they do. That is why when someone wants to change their password for any of the myriads of reasons. The quickest way to do so would be to sign out and then try to sign back in.

Except during signing in, you go for the Forgot Password option, which will then allow you to reset the password. Though we will not get into that; but it involves using your recovery phone number or email.

In this article, we will only focus on how to change Gmail password without having to sign out first. So first thing first; assuming you are already logged in to your Gmail account.

Go to Settings by first clicking on the Gear button located at the top right corner. Then go to the Accounts and Import tab, and you will see the Change account settings. Click on Change password.gmailgmailgmail

At this point, you will be taken to a new tab on your browser asking you to enter your current password. (We already assume you know it, and you simply want to change it). Enter your password, and you will be taken to a new web page asking you for the new password.

After changing the password and log back into your Gmail account. You will find a new email from Google saying critical changes has taken place on your account. Since you know you changed the password, you should go ahead and ignore that email.

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