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How to Enjoy Summer Without Breaking the Bank


Credit: Cuncon via Pixabay

Summer is the premium season for overspending — from outdoor concerts to patio dinners, weekend trips, and more. It’s easy to feel tempted by the list of activities and events through the warm summer months, but enjoying this season doesn’t mean you have to live beyond your means.

There are several ways to enjoy summer without breaking the bank. These are our suggestions.

Divide Your Budget Throughout Summer

The last thing you want is to miscalculate your budget and end up in the red, which might mean looking to get an instant decision on alternative loans to help subside your current financial issues. Instead, make intentional plans during the summer and avoid spending your entire budget at once — or worse, putting it all on your credit card and being unable to pay the balance.

By breaking up your summer plans and spreading your budget through June to August, you’re also developing a healthy spending habit that you can carry through the rest of the year. When you strategically plan your activities and set aside money for each, you’re identifying your financial limits and avoiding the temptation of last-minute activities, which can quickly deplete your budget.

Embrace Outdoor Exercises

Gym memberships can significantly add up, but it might be worth asking yourself if you really need to be in an indoor gym when the weather outside is warm and sunny. Rather than use an indoor treadmill, go for a long walk in your neighborhood — or take a short drive and explore another area around your city, such as hiking trails. Cycling and running are also viable options for taking advantage of the weather and letting your body have some needed vitamin D.

Make Your Own Patio Season

Summer is an ideal time for outdoor gatherings and social events. While restaurant patios are a common gathering place, if you have space, why not turn your home into your own intimate restaurant? Invite friends over and ask them to each bring a dish. Potlucks are a simple, cost-efficient way to enjoy company without spending 50 dollars or more on drinks and entrees.

Find the Free in Your City

Chances are, your city or neighboring towns are full of exciting free summer activities, or at the very least, inexpensive. If you’re a fan of live concerts but aren’t keen on spending 100 dollars or more on a ticket to see a major act, research festivals in and around your area. Chances are, you’ll be able to find more than one, and you get to discover new musical acts that you may not have heard of otherwise. If you enjoy trying new cuisines, the same practice can be applied to food festivals — especially if you live in a big city where there are often plenty of multicultural events surrounding food, arts, and culture.

When it comes to enjoying the summer, making memories doesn’t have to hurt your budget. By getting creative and committing to cutting your costs, you can find plenty of activities in your own backyard.

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