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How to Keep Staff Motivated All Year Round


As a business leader with plenty of experience managing people, you’ll know that motivation and productivity are two very important aspects that affect how well your business runs. If you’re running without much ambition and inspiration, your staff will tend to work slower and with less energy and gusto. Meanwhile, if you’re bristling with energy and excitement, your staff will be motivated to work that bit harder for you and your business. We’ll look at what you can do to motivate your staff below, examining tips that’ll help you keep them inspired and happy all year round.

Individual Management

The first tip is to manage your staff on a one-to-one basis. It’s only through this sort of managerial technique that you’ll be able to discover what the problems are in your employee’s life, and where you can adjust their workload and their responsibilities to suit them. You can motivate your staff in one-on-one meetings simply by listening to their qualms and their concerns and offering positive feedback for the good work they’re doing. Use such meetings to learn how you can improve the lives of your staff – leading them to work harder and happier in their jobs.

Team Management

There’s another layer of management that you’ll want to focus on – and that’s the management of your whole team. In this form of management, you need to motivate and inspire your team through their goals and objectives that you set from your managerial position. For instance, you might set a certain target for sales reached or profits accumulated. If your company reaches any of these targets, you can distribute rewards, or organize a group night out, to show your appreciation and to offer that key carrot to motivate staff further.

Pay and Benefits

Another aspect of employee motivation that is too often overlooked in the modern business management realm is that of remuneration. Put, if you’re underpaying your staff, they’ll notice that you don’t value their work. If they feel this way, they will inevitably work less hard for your business, lowering their overall motivation and productivity. On the flip side, if you reward your staff with good pay and benefits packages – organized through an automated payroll system – you can ensure that they have something to work for in an inspired fashion when they arrive at your place of work.

Training and Promotions

Finally, your members of staff are intelligent and motivated individuals – but they may be stuck in boring roles that they want to expand from. It’s only in these circumstances that you can find an intelligent worker submitting substandard and uninspired work – and it’s not entirely their own fault. As a manager, you need to use your resources wisely and notice if a talented team member is going underused. Make sure there are training sessions, pay raises, and promotions in store for loyal employees with the talent to bring profit to your business. Rewards such as these will motivate staff to work harder every day.

When you’re looking to motivate your staff, use the four tips above to get them working more productively throughout the year.

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