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How to Know when it’s Time to Hire an SEO Agency for your Bankruptcy Law Firm Website


Bankruptcy law continues to be a very important part of the legal system as it helps consumers find a way to manage their personal financial situation. As there are a lot of complexities that come with bankruptcies, it continues to be important that someone hires a bankruptcy lawyer when they want to evaluate their options or complete a formal filing.

Due to the services that they provide, there continues to be a lot of demand for bankruptcy attorneys. However, no matter where you operate, there is bound to be competition. One of the ways that you can set your firm apart from others is by having a strong online presence and showing up higher on search engine results pages. If you do not show up high, it could make your firm harder to find. One way that you can improve your search engine positioning is by hiring an SEO agency to help improve or build your website. There are various situations when it will be clear that it is time for you to hire an SEO agency to help your website.

When You Show Up Low on Website Positioning

One of the clearest signs that you will need to hire an SEO agency to help with your website is if you are showing high on search engine results pages. A great way to find this out for yourself is by doing a local search for bankruptcy law firms in your community. If your website is not showing up near the top of the first page, there is likely a lot more than you could do to improve your positioning.

An SEO agency will provide a variety of strategies that can help to improve your search engine ranking. This will include providing content with both standard and local keywords that can help you attract more visitors from the major search engines. They can also include quality inbound and outbound links, have a proper contact us section and other information and utilization that will help to improve your online positioning. Once the strategy is implemented, you can receive real-time data about changes to your positioning and how it is resulting in more visitors to your website.

When You Do Not Have Time to Update Content

An important part of having a higher search engine ranking is to have an active web page that has current content and blog posts. While you may have a high positioning today, if you go months without updating the page it can quickly get stale, and you could experience a reduction in your overall page ranking. Due to this, having a website that has current, relevant, and quality content is very important. An SEO firm will help you create and update content for the website that will keep your page fresh and continue to benefit your firm’s online presence and visibility.

Changes to Algorithms

Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines all have algorithms that are used to rank websites based on the searches completed. While these algorithms could be in place for years, they are modified from time to time and even slight changes can alter your positioning. When you work with an SEO expert, they will stay on top of changes to the search engine algorithms and could even be made aware of upcoming alterations. This could help ensure that your website stays ahead of changes, which means you will continue to rank high even if the method for ranking changes.

Lack of Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are very powerful assets for any law firm website. When most people have a legal need, they will start the process by asking basic legal questions to learn more about their situation. In most cases, they will receive a clear response to their question, which will contain a link to a law firm’s website. This response will show up higher on the search results pages than even some paid advertisements and is referred to as a featured snippet.

Having featured snippets can help to improve the credibility of your website and will help attract more clients to your firm. If you do not have any in place, working with an SEO expert is a great option. The SEO firm will be able to create a FAQ page on your website that will include commonly asked questions about your type of law and allow you to provide concise answers that may also include SEO content. This website structure will not only increase the quantity of features snippets that you receive but can also boost your web page ranking.

Online Reviews are Harder to Find

One of the ways that you can help to market your website is by having positive reviews online from past and current clients. Those looking for a bankruptcy lawyer will often use reviews as the first way to evaluate the service that they can expect to receive. Ideally, these reviews should be easy to find when someone is looking for a bankrupt attorney. If they are not showing up properly, your SEO expert can offer services to help showcase the positive reviews. This could make them easier to find and even improve your search engine ranking position. Further, they can also work with you to incorporate content on the website that will encourage review postings from past clients.

Beyond having positive reviews, the SEO firm can also help you respond to negative reviews. Even if you provide great service, filing bankruptcy comes with drawbacks and some clients may be frustrated with the final outcome. The SEO firm can help you find and identify these comments and provide appropriate and respectful responses.

Your Page Frequently Crashes

Nothing can hurt your firm’s online presence and reputation more than having a website that regularly crashes. If the website does crash, it can impact clients’ ability to learn more about your firm and services, which means they will likely move on to one of your competitors. If you have an issue with a crashing website, the SEO firm can help. They can also monitor your page and make repairs to it before you even realize that it is down.

You Have Limited Time

It is clearly important that you have a website that will show up higher on the search engine results pages. While you can try and update the website yourself, or hire someone internally to help, you will find that this takes up a lot of resources, and you may not receive the same positive outcomes. Due to this, hiring someone from the outside can be a great investment. This will help to free up your time and allow you to instead focus on finding new clients and serving your existing ones.

Any bankruptcy law firm or lawyer will need to have a good online presence in order to build credibility and attract clients. When you are looking to improve your website, hiring Gladiator Law Marketing to help with your website management needs is a great option. The team with Gladiator Law Marketing will offer all the support that you need to improve your website and SEO positioning. This can help ensure that you are able to benefit from having a quality online presence and will allow you to focus on running your firm and serving your clients with the best guidance and legal support you can offer.

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