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How to Make a Neck Gaiter from a Shirt


Neck gaiters have multiple uses, such as you can cover your face when going to the market, pull it down to the neck while leaving the store or wear on the head like a headband. With a neck gaiter, you will find it easy to enjoy life.

Though you can buy from the market, what if you make one for yourself?

Are you interested in making a neck gaiter from a shirt? You can use an old rough t-shirt to make a stylish neck gaiter at home. You don’t need to research as I have already done for you. A few days back, I was thinking of recycling my old clothing. Many negative effects of fashion on our surroundings exist.

We need to use things appropriately without wasting or damaging them. Neck gaiters provide an additional benefit to wear these days and with different ways to wear as well. With a neck gaiter, you tend to experience a layer between you and the outdoor environment.

So, let’s get started:

How to Make a Neck Gaiter from a Shirt?

Step 1:

Lay your shirt on the table to measure. By using pins, mark 41cm or 16” from bottom to upper side armpit.

Step 2:

Start cutting along the marked line carefully.

Step 3:

Now, start cutting with both sides of the tube and open out evenly.

Step 4:

Sew the side layer with facing sides correctly. It depends on you; while stitching, you can use any stitch like zig zag or standard.

Step 5:

Turn up the upper and bottom sides of the gaiter.

And all done; your recycled shirt is now turned into a neck gaiter, headband, or face mask. Enjoy your multipurpose piece of recycling shirt.

Why Choose a Neck Gaiter?

Do you even think about why people choose a neck gaiter?

Well, the most logical reason is it provides a covering while keeping up the fashion sense. If you start comparing the face mask and a neck gaiter, you will find many differences. However, it does not make any sense to use a neck gaiter as a face mask for many people.

Undoubtedly, both items have several benefits, but it entirely depends on what you want. Choosing a neck gaiter offers many benefits, and it can be a helpful promotional product.

Well Handy

Expediency is a great thing no matter what you are talking about. While comparing a face mask and a neck gaiter, you will find people complaining that they forget their masks. Forgetting a mask at home, in a car, or at the office table are the most common incidents these days.

On the other hand, a neck gaiter is something that you don’t need to wear all the time on your face. Whenever necessary, you pull up to cover your face and pull it down after that. You can wear it around your neck all day, and it will be an added layer of fashion. You protect yourself while improving your fashion sense.


A Tube-shaped accessory worn around the neck is called a neck gaiter. However, you can use it differently according to your choice. You can use neck gaiters in multiple ways, making them the most versatile item to add a fashion layer.

Below are some of the most common uses of neck gaiters:


Wrap your hair by wearing the neck gaiter around your head. You can style them as an athletic band or matching with your casual wear.


Yes, you heard it right; towels.

Usually, neck gaiters are made up of fabric that has a higher level of absorbency. That’s why you can use them even in hot weather. Use it as a sweat rag or a hand towel while working out.

Sun Guard

For those who like hiking or are interested in outdoor activities, neck gaiters play a highly important role. Besides keeping up fashion, you can use it as a sun guard. Protect your skin from sun rays!


As already mentioned, neck gaiters are even fashion symbols. Choose a stylish neck gaiter and use it around everywhere you go. Use it with any outfit and enjoy the moment.

Why do Layers Use for the Effectiveness of Neck Gaiters?

Using different layers in the manufacturing of a neck gaiter makes it super effective. For protection, it is necessary to add layers. 2-ply neck gaiters are CDC compliant, and you must ensure it before buying one. Remember these important things while buying a neck gaiter or better you make it at home.

Neck gaiters are effective in protecting the skin. Not only effective for skin protection, but you can use it for other purposes as well.

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