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How to Make Money on X (Formerly Twitter)

by Roveen
Twitter X

Since his takeover of the social media site formerly called Twitter, Elon Musk has been up and about introducing a raft of changes, many of which, including the name change, have been met with derision and outrage.

However, one of his best changes yet is the introduction of payment methods just to tweet. Yes, if you are on X, then you can earn through X’s new revenue-sharing program. Here is how to earn money on X.

Subscribe to X Verification

To be eligible to earn from X, you need to be a subscriber to X’s blue tick verification badge. To be eligible for the badge, you need to have a minimum of 500 followers. Additionally, you need to generate at least 15 million impressions over the last three months.

Once you have overcome these huddles, then comes the next steps.

Join X Ads revenue-sharing program

Once you are able to get the badge and have generated enough engagements over the past few months, then you will join X’s Ads revenue-sharing program. Here, you will need to launch creator subscriptions, become an affiliate marketer and begin to sell products and services on the site.

However, if you have no product or services to sell, do not worry, post more and ensure that you get more engagements, especially in replies and quote tweets. This will drive up your engagement numbers, thus earning money.

How money will be deposited

When you create your X account and monetize it, remember to also register to X’s payment platform, Stripe. Stripe works similarly to PayPal. Simply register for a Stripe account, follow the Ads Revenue Share Terms, and agree to the X rules and creator monetization standards.

And there you have it; you can now earn money on X from selling your products or services as an affiliate market or by simply tweeting.

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