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How to Network with Other Esport Gamers in 2021


Esports gaming is becoming more and more popular. What barely existed a few years ago is now a great career for many of the world’s top gamers. Many novice gamers want to get into gaming and esports but are unsure of how to network with other gamers and how to get started in esports in 2021. While you may be playing the most popular games online, there are a few things you need to take into account.

Here are five key points to get started in esports gaming in 2021:

1. Develop skills that are related to your core strengths

While this may seem difficult and unrelated, it is a vital point that will help you find a job in Esports. Many of the companies that hire in esports have low budgets. Established organizations might need to be more cautious with their hiring budgets than those in more established spaces.

Many esports jobs require candidates to be able to manage multiple roles within a company, as there aren’t enough staff to assign one person to each task or role. You can increase your chances of getting into esports if you are able to get ahead of the game.

You can also learn skills in other industries:

·        Marketing – Explore digital marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing

·        Social media – Learn about community management, creative writing, and basic Photoshop skills

You want to be as valuable as possible to the company to which you are applying. Having skills apart from your gaming skills will make you a valuable asset to the team.

2. Participate in tournaments and other events

Live events are one of the many things that have been stopped by COVID. This point is no longer as pertinent as it used to be.

Many esports professionals are raving about the benefits of attending tournaments and other events. Is there anything you can do if travel and large groups are not possible?

Yes. Companies began offering online networking services soon after COVID brought the entire world to a halt. Gamerjibe hosted an online, browser-based career expo, which we attended. Esports Insider brought its premier business events online, and Inven Global and Esports BAR also brought theirs.

There are still many opportunities to connect with professionals in esports. These connections can lead to job opportunities, as well as other connections or referrals within the organization.

Online events allow people to connect with the industry’s decision-makers from anywhere across the globe. Online conferences allow gamers, no matter where they are based, to join in on the fun and excitement of the esports world.

3. Find opportunities near where you live

This next point could be a great way to gain esports experience and possibly lead you to a career in esports, is to find opportunities to get involved near to where you live. While you may not be paid at first, it can get your foot in the door.

This might prove difficult if you live far from the esports hubs. However, if you are in one of these hotspots you can make valuable connections.

California and Texas, respectively, have many esports companies. California is home to Cloud9, Immortals Gaming Club and Counter Logic Gaming as well as the North American LCS studio, Overwatch League arena, and the Cloud9 headquarters. Texas, however, houses the offices of Complexity, Team Envy and Mavs Gaming.

When reaching out and contacting gaming companies, here are two things to keep in mind:

1.      When contacting companies, be clear about your strengths and areas of expertise. It won’t help to make a first impression by simply saying you are interested in working with them. They probably get a lot of interest. Therefore, you need to demonstrate how you can help them. Tell the company about your core competencies and how they can benefit their business.

2.      Second, don’t bother people constantly: no one likes being spammed! So if they aren’t responding, stop trying and move on to another company.

4. Take control of your spare time

There are so many people trying to get into the scene, that anything you can do to stand out from the rest is going to help. However, make sure you prioritize your health and don’t work yourself to death.

You can show your initiative and improve your skills by creating graphics yourself, then sharing them on social media. If they are tagged, professional players may share their designs. We’ve seen quite a few people do this.

Start your own blog if writing is your forte. It will not only teach you valuable skills but will also demonstrate that you are willing to help out in your spare time, which looks great in the eyes of hiring managers.

You can work proactively on your own projects, whether it be graphics, blogs, YouTube videos, or websites. This could make your resume or cover letter more valuable, aiding in your applications.

5. Utilize social media

Although this tip may seem strange to someone who is just beginning to explore esports as a career, few communities are more active on Twitter than the esports community. Jobs are advertised through Twitter, personal connections to friends you didn’t know you needed and ways to grow your skill profile are also on offer.

There are many other benefits to using Twitter. It’s possible to connect with other like-minded people, and even comment on industry developments.

Twitter is an important platform, but LinkedIn is also a good choice for those who want to pursue esports as a career. Although there are many similarities between LinkedIn and Twitter it is advisable to have both. Spend the time to set up and optimize your profile and to learn your way around these platforms. It will only help you in the long run!

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