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5 Tips to Use Instagram Ads to Promote your Product

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is gaining more popularity every passing day. It has already added every feature making itself self-sufficient and preventing users from going to other social media platforms.

Instagram has become one of the top channels for marketers. The reason behind it is possibly the fact that visual media is more efficient in engaging audiences compared to other traditional marketing channels online. 

Every brand wishes to gain wider reach on Instagram. Well, Instagram Ads can be a medium to achieve that. In this article, we will give you 5 tips to use Instagram Ads to promote your brand.

  • Choose your ad objective

While creating an Instagram ad campaign, you require an objective behind the ad. Every brand has different objective but we have mentioned some of the common ones below:

  • Brand awareness: Ideal for brands who want to reach users to engage with their ads and bring general awareness too.
  • Reach: This is for brands trying to get a wider reach on Instagram by reaching a maximum number of people.
  • Traffic: This is for brands who want the users to visit their website, landing page, or app.
  • Engagement: for brands who want more likes, comments, and shares on their Instagram posts.
  • Lead generation: this is for brands who want to boost their sales and attract people towards their products or services.

Be smart about picking your objective for Instagram ads. You don’t want to waste your time, money, and efforts on a wrong ad that won’t provide you with the expected results.

  • Choosing the perfect Instagram ad format

Now that you have picked the ideal marketing objective, you should consider a suitable format that is best for telling your story.

Of course, your marketing campaign objectives play a major role in deciding which format you should pursue.

For instance, for building brand awareness and engagement, photo ads are the best.

When it comes to telling a lengthy, more immersive story, Instagram video ads might be a fantastic medium. They tend to be extremely memorable, making them ideal for marketers that want to raise brand awareness. And don’t forget to add an eye-catching thumbnail along with the video.

Carousel ads on Instagram, nowadays, offer great bang for your buck. These scrollable ads include 2 to 10 swipeable images and videos of your choice. They really shine when you wish to display several examples of your products or want to tell a story to engage the user by swiping through them.

Finally, Instagram Stories ads are vertical and full-screen compilations of images or short videos. They are only available for 24 hours on Instagram but that quick and unique format motivates users to watch them sooner rather than later.

  • Targeting your dream audience

If you want to see expected results from your Instagram marketing ad campaigns, you need to focus on this most important thing- the target audience. These are the people who are relevant to your brand’s and campaign objectives and will show interest in what you are offering.

So, suppose you were shooting an arrow with flawless form but kept on hitting random trees away from your target, people won’t call you a very good archer, right? Similarly, you don’t want to reach a useless audience who will not engage with your brand campaign.

Instagram’s frequent growth and abundant targeting options give you a great opportunity to experiment with different ads on different audiences. But it also means that it is easy to waste your ad budget while identifying the right audience to target.

So, do not blow your budget on random testing. Decide who will be the first people that will desire your product and create ads around their requirements.

  • Define your ad budget and schedule

Setting your Instagram ads budget and schedule gives you full control over the timing and duration of your ads and how much money will be spent on them.

First of all, you are required to choose between a lifetime budget and a daily budget. Lifetime budgets will allow your ad to run for a set amount of time while daily budgets let the ad run indefinitely while spending only the allotted amount each day.

If you choose a lifetime budget, you will be able to select a specific running schedule for your ads. Perhaps if you want them to run only on weekdays or weekends, you can manually choose their schedule.

  • Engage

Engaging with your audience on social media is the key to everything you want to obtain from it. Most of the engagement comes from engaging and interacting with your present and potential instagram followers. Similarly, you need to engage with your target audience through Instagram ads.

Firstly, you need to respond to comments on your ads in the same way you would on your organic posts. In fact, it is even more important to keep a check on engagements on ads, as you are likely to get questions and comments directly related to the product advertised.


Instagram has made several changes in its ads and improved their quality. Instagram’s success rate can’t be challenged when digital marketing is concerned. That is why Instagram ads are a great opportunity to showcase your brand and products to new audiences. We hope these tips will help you get a successful Instagram ad campaign.

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