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How to prepare your iPhone and/or iPad to receive the iOS 12 Public Beta

by Felix Omondi
ios 12 public beta

Are you excited about running the next mobile operating system on your iPhone or iPad? Well, Apple has already released the iOS 12 public beta for public trials. Before you go online to download the new mobile operating system, you need to prepare your device, to avoid some of the gruesome pitfalls that come with (not just beta software) installing the new operating system.

#1 – Register for the Public Beta Program

First thing first, you need to register yourself for the Apple’s Public beta program. The process of registering is quite simple, and it is completely free. If you have already signed up for the public beta program, you will only need to log in with your Apple ID and password.

#2 – Enroll the device you want to get the iOS 12 Public Beta

Using any mobile browser on your iPhone or iPad, go to >> << and log in using your Apple ID and password.

Select the iOS tab, and scroll down to Enroll your device and click/tap it. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions. After successfully registering your device, the iOS 12 public beta will begin downloading to your device.

Did you backup your Data?

As a rule of thumb, if you plan on making any major changes to your devices, it is always advisable to have your data backed up. If you use iTunes to back up your data, be sure to check the box for encrypting the data.

To use iTunes to back up your data, simply connect your phone to a computer, launch the iTunes app, select the device to be backed up, and check the box for Encrypt iPhone/iPad. Then go ahead to back your data up. If you use iCloud to back up the data, it will be automatically encrypted.

#3 – Don’t Install the Beta OS on your primary device

This new operating system is in beta, which means it is not fully baked yet to run smoothly for everyone all the time. Therefore, you should only try installing it if you have more than one device to use, as installing it on your main device may prove futile should things go south.

Though Apple insiders promise that the iOS 12 beta runs much smoother than its predecessor. You are better off playing it safe than sorry, but NOT installing it on your main device. Problems such as Wi-Fi connection problems, faster battery drain, system freeze, random rebooting, and Bluetooth issues are some of the problems associated with beta software.

#4 – Create enough space on your internal storage

Before the download of the iOS 12 beta begins, you need to ensure your device has enough space in the memory for the new software to download.

#5 – Get a Strong Wi-Fi with fast internet that’s reliable

You need to get your battery juiced up; it should have at least 50% battery before you begin the download process. You also need a strong and reliable internet connection. The last thing you want is for your connection to drop before your download is complete. That would be a recipe for a disastrous iOS 12 public beta experience.

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