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How to Save on Mobile Games In-app Purchases


As convincing as they may appear, getting in-app purchases can be daunting due to the fear of breaking the banks. You can, however, enjoy the option without having to spend a whole fortune with the tips below, but first, what are these purchases? In-app purchases are an option when gaming that enables you to use real money to buy features or items in the game. You can use the money to buy game coins, weapons in shooting games such as shotguns and bazookas, extra lives in the game, and unlocking more game levels.

Are the In-app Purchases worth it?

Yes. The existence of free apps without in-app purchases, constantly increasing in popularity can make you second guess your decision to get a gaming app with an in-app purchase. However, it is worth noting that the apps with in-app purchases get their revenue from these purchases and are more advanced since there are funds for their creations and enhancements. Moreover, the main benefit of these consumable in-app purchases is enhancing your gaming experience.

To save on costs when getting in-app purchases on your mobile games:

Get renewable subscriptions

Getting yourself auto-renewable subscriptions for access to various aspects of the game can save you on costs you would have otherwise spent on getting individual products. Think of it as a ‘wholesale price or package price,’ which is most definitely cheaper. In addition, this option gives you a greater exposure to the game’s features and options which you may not have gotten if you opted to buy only what you knew about or thought you needed. Increased loyalty to the brand will have you getting promotions, offers, bonuses, and rewards that you would otherwise have to purchase or earn in a much more complex way.

Use cryptocurrency to pay for the purchases

As cliché as it may sound, cryptocurrency is the future of all monetary transactions. This is thanks to the benefits it poses over other media of transaction. Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency is decentralized, which allows it to have transactions with a low transaction fee. In addition, the process is speedier with fewer steps involved in the authentication and verification process, so you can conduct the purchase fast and go back to your game. The transfers are advantageous internationally as the gateways allow for exchange between the different cryptocurrencies you may have.

Use gift cards

Whether you intend to get your gamer friend or family something thoughtful to enhance their gaming experience or you want something to improve your experience, buying a gift card will help you save on cost. How? A gift card is a small card, more like a debit card, that you can exchange for a certain amount of cash to enable you to get access to specific products and services.

Most gift card sellers liaise with service providers to give you a wide array of options. To market themselves even better and give themselves an edge in the industry, they offer you discounts, rewards, and bonuses which would help you save on costs you would have otherwise spent. Some gift cards can exist in the form of e-wallets which you use to pay online. It is advisable to buy gift cards with bitcoin to ensure you spend as little as possible while getting the maximum value of your currency. For instance, when you play games from Google Play, you can buy Google Play gift card for in-app purchases and sometimes even get a discount.

Have a well-prepared budget

Have you ever heard the term ‘auto cash out’ in betting? This option provides you with a safety net in that you immediately reach a certain amount; you automatically exit the game to avoid future losses or to guarantee you sure profits. Gaming can be addictive, both in a good or a wrong way; both ways, you need to have such an option as in betting. In this case, you need to be disciplined and set the amount of money you need to spend on your gaming sprees for a certain period; once you reach the maximum, you will need to stop buying features and work with what you have.

Alternatively, you can come up with a budget and a game plan where you can decide to strategically earn these features by working hard in the game and purchasing the unachievable parts of the game. This move will help you save on extra costs.

Final Thought

Mobile game in-app purchases are advantageous to the developer and consumer; the developer earns a living and more revenue for app creations while the consumer gets a more enhanced user experience. However, it would be best to ensure that the sites are legit and safe before you start the purchases and do not give your personal information. In addition, it is advisable to supervise or advise your child accordingly as they could end up maxing out your accounts while making these purchases

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