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How to Use Stickers and Labels for Your Business


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Whether you’re doing online fairs or shop promotions, product presentations speak volumes about your brand or business. When packaging is often treated as a necessary way to carry and protect products, it is important to create a great and memorable first experience which sets a brand aside.

Speaking of memorable first expressions, did you know if a prospective client holds on to your product for more than 10 seconds trying to read through or figure out what it is, it is considered a failure. This is as far as design, branding and packaging are concerned.

For a new brand

A new brand might dictate lack of experience in product marketing as well as branding. This might make sales not to record an all time high as expected by brand owners.

However, using stickers and labels in the right manner might put your first dip into the market with some good returns.

What’s not known to new brands is that stickers and labels can often be an underused tool when it comes to promoting your business. Stickers can at times appear to be cheap and in turn this devalues a brand.

However, this isn’t always the case. Upon investment on quality labels and stickers, you as a brand owner can achieve much more for your brand and marketing.

Label your products

Product packaging can have a great impact on how clients perceive a brand or business. Personalized labels for business can be the right way to spice up your packaging, allowing you to add a touch of your brand’s creative designs.

Why use labels? Well, they can be in use for several purposes, most importantly, in marketing. Majority of brand owners use them to promote products to prospective customers and display their brand logos.

Nowadays, many people are aware of the effective role that labels can play in a business. Thanks to the labels, an initial impression is created, which matters a lot, since it communicates the brand’s identity.

The second impression takes place when clients read the label’s contents. Ideally, this aims at building their interest and trust in your brand.

Sticker seals

Stickers can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, fit for a variety of diverse jobs. They can be implemented as die cut roll labels, product labels, name badges or even stickers for your windows.

With a wide range of use for labels and stickers, it’s easy to see how they can play a role in the addition of value to products and brands in general.

Apart from implementing stickers in the above areas, handing over die-cut sticker products to your clients is perfect for a number of reasons.

One, people often place stickers on items they use everyday, such as water bottles and laptops. Think about it, what a great way to advertise your brand!

Providing people with branded imagery or custom logo stickers implies that, if they like your brand or design, they’ll be doing extra advertisement through displaying your stickers on their items!

QR code stickers

QR code stickers or QR codes that act as a sticker on item and product labels, are useful in the presentation of information digitally. This is practically done and achieved when using smart devices such as smartphones to scan the code on the sticker, allowing users to quickly access information like product details, website links, or promotional offers. To create these QR code stickers, you can use various online tools or QR code generators, which enable you to input the desired information and then make a QR code that encapsulates it. This code can then be printed onto stickers and attached to items, combining the physical world with digital convenience

QR codes have the potential to power up your product packaging labels. This is when the code is used as a sticker or as a label in the packaging of your product.

QR code stickers as well as labels, when scanned redirect customers to the intended webpage where they can access other products in need freely or even have a promotion page accessed.

Apply stickers to storefront windows

What makes window stickers an excellent choice for business is that they can be used to advertise while also being an inexpensive option at the same time.

With graphics on the storefront, a brand is able to get it’s message and other relevant details out to the general public.

Consider this an innovative and creative method of advertising since it uses space which can be otherwise overlooked. Window decals in some regions however, require no city permits which implies no additional installation costs.


There is no doubt that stickers and labels are a brand’s bridge to success as far as marketing and brand awareness are concerned. Therefore, having the right printing service take care of your brand’s or business’ labels and stickers is a key step and a great factor to take into consideration.

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