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How To Use Video Mailers To Get Your Target Audience To Call You Back


It will sound like a paradox but getting a response back from your target customers is both hard and easy at the same time. It’s hard because people are fickle in regard to what they’ll respond to, so you’re never really guaranteed a response back. It’s easy because there are so many ways you can now reach out to these same people as well.


Video Brochures

One of the new and exciting ways you can engage with customers is through video brochures. A video brochure is an interactive marketing strategy that’s basically what you think it is. At first glance, it seems like a regular paper brochure but upon opening, you’ll see that it’s equipped with high-tech equipment that allows it to play a short video for the viewer.

Old meets new with video mailers. It’s easily one of the best marketing materials that you can have at your disposal. Exactly how can you use video mailers to get a response?

Getting That Much-Needed Reply

The first thing you need to consider is that video is now the king of advertising. People hated having their programs interrupted by ads years back, but things are different now. Thanks to creative marketing videos and short-length ads on social media, people have grown accustomed to sitting through a short ad. They now prefer it more than compared to reading an entire ad space.

Statistics show that having videos in emails actually lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. This only shows how many times have changed.


Now consider how much people would become more interested if they are taken through a short video simply by opening a brochure? What makes video mailers more effective is that it’s eye-catching. Even if it’s already being used by many companies worldwide, it’s still stunning to get to sit through a video playing from something as simple as a brochure.

What you also need to consider is that it’s not just you who’s using videos for marketing.  87% of online marketers are using videos as the key medium to present their products or services. Whether it be through social media or through in-email videos, the fact remains that videos are slowly starting to become the king of content.

Response Rate

To get a higher response rate, you need to stand out among the rest. If everyone else is doing social media videos and in-email videos, outdo them by using video mailers. What’s even more important is that video mailers are presented through key events as well, so you get to engage with your potential customers directly.

Of course, creating an eye-catching and memorable video mailer is easier said than done. If you really need to create something that stands out, you need to understand excellent design choices that will make your target market immediately think about sending a response back.


Video mailers are every modern marketer’s tool to help struggling companies gain more customers. It’s a grand yet cheap means to directly engage with your customers as well. Getting a response back has never been easier thanks to these tools which merge traditional marketing platforms with new-age technology.

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