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Importance of UI/UX Prototyping for Clients and Developers


Most people prefer creating a prototype for future apps or websites. It has become a common practice to save time and avoid errors.

During the design stage of app development, prototyping takes place. It helps the developers to create a prototype of the actual application.

It is like a rough draft of the actual design of the app. It is very important for the clients as it helps them to evaluate the design and structure and to propose changes to make improvements.

Apart from that, it also helps the developers to save a lot of time. The prototype becomes the base for designing the app, thereby saving a lot of time.

Importance of UI UX Prototyping:

Here are some of the reasons why prototyping is important for clients as well as developers.

  • Evaluate Feasibility:

It helps the clients to evaluate the feasibility of the app. It is a rough draft of the design of the app, which helps to technically evaluate the app. It helps to the point of technical constraints while designing the app. It also highlights financial and physical constraints, thereby saving a lot of money.

  • Clear Idea of the App:

It is not just important for the clients but for the customers as well. The clients can present the prototype design to the customers so that they can get a clear idea about the app. It will help them to get valuable feedback and opinion in order to make changes.

  • Quality App/ Website:

It helps to develop a better quality app and website as there are no errors. All the errors, constraints and bugs are highlighted during UI UX prototyping, thereby enhancing the quality of the app or website.

  • Reduces Risk:

Projects with prototype design have fewer risks as most of the risks are eliminated during the prototyping stage. As the changes are made before developing the actual UI UX design and front-end development, the cost is less.

  • Real Product Stimulation:

UI UX prototyping stimulates the real product. It is like a rough version of the future product. It not only helps to test the product but also attracts new customers. It is like stimulation or a sample of the final product.

  • Low Cost:

Most people think prototyping is a waste of money, but it actually helps you to save a lot of money. It helps to easily make changes and improve the product at a low cost.

  • Provides Feedback:

It helps to provide valuable feedback to the clients. As the prototype is introduced to the customer before the launch of the final product, it helps to gain valuable feedback. It can be used to make changes.

  • Saves Time:

It helps the developers to save a lot of time in the planning stage. Once the prototype is developed, they can easily make changes and create a final product in less time.

  • Easy to Develop:

It makes project development easier as the developer is aware of the changes to be made. It helps them to plan and allocate the work effectively to the team and complete the project easily in less time.

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