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Interesting Father’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas you should consider


Well, Mother’s Day is now done and over until next year. So what do we have next in our calendar? That is Father’s Day, right! Fathers, or men in general, don’t like creating a lot of fanfare around their recognition days. No wonder someone played a dirty joke on Men’s Day by putting it together with World Toilet Day. What a coincidence!

Be that as it may, we are just five weeks away from Father’s Day 2021, happening this June 20th. On the surface, shopping for their gifts may seem like an easy thing compared to moms. For one, dads are more likely to tell you ‘I don’t want anything,’ but do they mean it? Things are much more straightforward with moms, and she might even be particular about what she wishes.

However, with dads seemingly disengaged from the fuss, you never know if you are doing too much or too little. This article will share with you some pointers on the possible best gift ideas for your dad on the upcoming Father’s Day 2021.

How did Father’s Day come about?

Before we get to the gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021, perhaps it will better if we summarized the background behind this day. According to, the recognition of the day was spearheaded by a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd. She thought it appropriate to have a male version of Mother’s Day, which at that time had already taken root.

Slowly but surely, Dodd earned the support of local businesses and other organizations in recognizing the day. On June 19, 1910, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington, D.C, USA. It then slowly spread across the world. It is now, more or less, a globally recognized day.

Father’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas

Now that we know how the day came about. Let us now dive into the substance of this article. If you are wondering what to get your dad on this Father’s Day, well, if you start now, you will have a long list in your hands by then. Also, some gifts need to be pre-ordered; otherwise, you will find them out of stock by the time Father’s Day rolls over.

1. Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck Massager

Dads are often the unsung heroes. They are only recognized when things go wrong, and appreciation is subtly demonstrated. Yet, you will find the dad who looks after his kids, his partner, and the house will only be talked about or talked to when things go south. The ones that always get up and bring the bacon back to the dinner are likely to be having various forms of physical and perhaps mental sores.

That is why the Zyllion Shiatsu black and neck messenger could be an ideal gift to soothe your dad’s arches from all the hustle and bustle to make ends meet.

2. La-Z-Boy recliner

If you are not turn off by the price tag, this recliner chair would be the ideal gift for any dad who comes home after a long day’s work. Something that will soothe not just their tired bones but also muscles. They are excellent if dad is having back pains. They can now kick back and relax their pain away at home.

3. Leatherman Free P2 multitool

Is your dad an outdoor person and quite handy with tools and equipment? Well, the Leatherman Free P2 multitool comes with pliers, screwdrivers, wire stripper, and scissors, among others.

4. Ticwatch Pro 3

The old-school wrist-watch with hours, minutes, and seconds hands will always remain a classic, even in this age of smartwatches that are digital and have numerous smart features. That is not to say we can’t relive the past, and if your dad uses an Android phone, the Ticwatch Pro 3 would be an ideal gift for the upcoming Father’s Day.

Burga Phone Case for Dad’s Smartphone

Here’s one both you and (especially) your dad might’ve overlooked – a protective phone case. Now, one might think a phone case is as manly as a bike helmet, but look at it this way: you’re better off paying for a phone case now than a screen or whole new phone later. And quite frankly, it looks badass. If your dad’s an Android fan, look at this beauty from BURGA.

Want to get Dad some flowers? Get him Edible Flowers

Flowers have for long been considered one of the expressions of love for a woman. That woman could be your mom, sister, aunty, or a life partner. However, they have traditionally not been used to express love for a man. Then again, we all like to eat, don’t we? Without eating, we all would be weaklings and will eventually die.

How about getting your dad flowers to eat? Yes, that is right! has some interesting edible gift ideas for the upcoming Father’s Day 2021. From edible chocolate to soothing drinks, Manly Man Co has the best edible gift ideas to make your dad unwind and relax on that auspicious occasion.

Whatever you do on that day, don’t forget to make it a quality time moment with your dad. Often, they are the unsung hero in the story who only get noticed when things get wrong. Happy Father’s Day in advance! 😍😊

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