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Introducing Playfre, a Nigerian-made alternative to Spotify with already over 45m songs


Nigerians now have a locally-made alternative to the music streaming service Spotify. Dubbed Playfree, this is a music streaming platform made by computer programmer Chika Nwaogu, and already hosts at least 45 million songs.

playfreSpotify and many other big music streaming platforms have not yet opened their doors to most African countries because of the weak intellectual property laws in these parts of the world, thus making these awesome apps unavailable to the African demographics,” said Chika.

Those who have opened their doors to us, still charge monthly to stream unlimited music. We have been developing what will become Africa’s first real answer to Spotify. We at Playfre are trying to bring the over 45 million songs on Spotify to you at no charge, with the same Spotify experience and guess what? We did it!”

Playfre (pronounced playfree) was officially launched May 1, 2019, and gives listeners access to over 45 million songs playback. All for free, and as the developer puts it, with the same experience you get with Spotify.

This new streaming service becomes the first made-in-Africa streaming service with over 45 million songs in its collections. Effectively making it the largest music streaming platform in Africa, that is indigenous to the continent.

playfrePlayfre will be launching its Android and iOS app later in May. It will also be launching a new feature, “Playfre for Artists” that will allow musicians to upload their music to Playfre at no cost.

About Chika Nwaogu

Chika is a serial digital entrepreneur. Prior to Playfree, he created, grown, and sold two successful internet startups including the LAGbook – a social networking platform that registered at least one million users in 2013.

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