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Is It Better to Play High or Low Limit Slots?


Slot machines now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with a huge variety of themes that are designed to appeal to just about everyone.

And even if nowadays people can choose between so many casino games and they can even bet on Big Brother, politics, and so on, slots continue to be one of the most popular games that casinos offer, over all of these.

Still, the biggest decision you need to make is over the amount you gamble, so what do you need to know to get this right?

Every Slot Has a Range of Betting Limits

When you look at a slot, you’ll see that there’s a defined betting range. This is easily seen on online slots, as you can swipe or click to view the minimum and maximum betting limits, as well as all the options between them.

In most cases, the limits are designed to meet the needs of just about everyone. The minimum bet could be just a few cents, while the upper limit might be a couple of hundred dollars. So most people should find an amount to wager that feels right to them.

What if you look at the limits and aren’t happy? You might want to play with more money or you might prefer to place smaller stakes. It’s really just a personal decision and whatever you feel suits you is what you should go ahead and do.

But if the slot you enter doesn’t have limits that you like the look of, just try another. It only takes a moment to look at the betting limits, so you could easily hop in and out of a few different games in very little time.

Should You Bet a Little or a Lot?

One of the first things you need to consider before you start gambling is how much you want to risk on the games. The starting point for doing this is by working out your bankroll. Since online casinos let you move across funds to your account with them, it’s easy to set a limit that you can play with.

You then want to consider what way of playing you most like the sound of. Do you think that blasting your way through a short series of spins with high stakes sounds best? This could give you bigger wins but you might also run out of funds before you manage to win anything.

With smaller stakes, it becomes more difficult to win huge amounts, as most wins apply a multiplier to your bet amount. So if the top prize is, for example 100x, wagering $0.10 gives you $10 while a $100 wager would have given you back a $10,000 prize.

One of the benefits with smaller stakes is that you can probably play for longer. If you’ve got $10 and you play with $0.10 stakes, that means you’ve got 100 spins using your funds. After that, you can decide whether to stake any of the winnings that you’ve made on those spins.

How Are Your Chances of Winning Affected?

A key point to think about is whether betting on a high limit slot or a low limit slot will give you more chance of winning money. The overall guideline to how much you might get back comes from the return to player (RTP).

This is the percentage of total money wagered by all players that the slot should pay back. The simplest way of looking at it is that a higher RTP gives you more chance of winning but it shouldn’t be viewed as any kind of a guarantee of this.

We can also see that you should, in theory at least, get closer to the RTP with more games. So if you play those $0.10 spins over a couple of hundred spins, you should be closer to that theoretical return than the player who put $100 on four or five times.

You Never Know What Might Happen

Slots are great fun to play, and a big part of the reason for this is that they’re so unpredictable. You never know whether you’ll get a winning line, trigger a bonus round, or even pick up the progressive jackpot that some of them offer.

This applies no matter how much money you wager. By playing with high limits, you’re increasing the volatility of the game, as you could either lose your money more quickly or win more cash in very little time.

But you aren’t changing the basic fact that these games provide completely random results. You aren’t more likely to get a winning combination because you play with a bigger or smaller stake. One exception to bear in mind is that some progressive jackpots are easier to trigger with larger stakes.

For the majority of players, the best approach is to look for a slot that appeals to them in terms of gameplay and the theme it covers, such as ancient Egypt, Inca treasures, and trips into space. Then, you need to choose a stake amount that you feel comfortable with and that lets you play in the way that you have in mind.

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