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Tech Hacks every Office Should Embrace


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Most modern offices are packed with the latest tech from internet servers to laptop computers and the latest smartphones.

Technology undoubtedly makes life in the office so much simpler and more efficient than it used to be, but if you aren’t implementing the following hacks in your office, then you can still improve…

Using dictation software

If you are looking for effective ways to boost productivity in your office space, then one of the first things you should do is buy and install dictation software on the computers of any of your employees who do a lot of typing. Why? Because it will enable your staff to simply speak the words they wish to type, which is obviously much faster to do for the average person. Dictation software has a bit of a learning curve, but once your employees are used to the application and the application has learned their speech patterns, you will notice a bast improvement in turnaround times.

Lubricating your keyboards

This might sound like an odd thing to do, but if you use a product like krytox 205g0 lube to grease all of the keyboards in your office space, not only will you notice that the sounds made by your employees typing away are much less noticeable but you should also notice that things get done faster too., When your keyboards are lubed, they work more efficiently, and you will be surprised a just how much of a difference it can make.

URL blockign software

Installing URL bocking software is a really good idea if you have noticed that your employees tend to spend a lot of time browsing the internet mindlessly when they should be working. It will allow you to block the more tempting websites from use so that employees are more likely to get on with their work in a prompt and efficient manner. The internet can be extremely difficult but there are lots of things you can do to mitigate against that fact in the workplace, and this is definitely at top of the list.

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Install blue light filtering apps

If you and your employees tend to work late at the office, then installing blue light filtering apps on every device in the office is a really good idea. Why? Because blue light has been known to mimic sunlight, which means it makes it more difficult for people to get to sleep when they have been looking at it close to bedtime. As you know, employees who struggle to sleep are way less productive the next day at work, so anything you can do to restore the balance and help them get some shut-eye is sure to benefit your business too.

Make use of custom macros

If you want to save time and cut down on the effort it takes to perform various tedious tasks in your business, them making use of custom macros is a no-brainer. Both Google Docs and Microsoft Office will enable you to program your own macros that you can use to carry out various repetitive tasks in an instant, so it is definitely worth taking some time to learn how to do just that.

Buy the same devices

If you want to make life easier for yourself and your employees, then when it comes to tech devices in the office, you should try to keep things uniform. So, if one employee has a Mac then everyone should use a Mac or if you use a Linux system, so should all of your employees. This will mean that it is easier for you all to integrate your individual projects, share your work and connect with each other. Technology may have come a long way in recent years, but compatibility issues are still a big deal, and you can avoid them by sticking with the same brands.

Implement the 20-minute break rule

Okay, so this might not sound like a tech tip, but actually, it is. When you or your employees are using a computer or tablet, it is a really good idea to build in a break into your schedule every 20 minutes. Use this time to take your eyes off the screen and focus on something that is a least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will help to prevent eye strain and ultimately help you to maintain your focus for ever longer periods of time.

By embracing these simple and effective tech hacks, you can save time and money, boost productivity, and boost employee well-being too, so what are you waiting for?

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