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Is It Worth Buying a Smartwatch?


In today’s modern world, we are often used to see new technology every year. After all, in the past decades, it has evolved so fast that we were not able to keep up with what was new. When a new gadget is released, it is hard for us to resist the temptation to try these things out for ourselves and be part of what’s called the trend. This is true when companies released smartwatches for the first time. Who would have thought that a regular watch can turn into something powerful as a smartphone.

However, there is this question that lies in some consumer’s heads, are smartwatches worth the price? Is wearing a traditional watch is still the best bet? In this article, we take a look and see if buying a smartwatch is worth it.

Benefits of Having a Smartwatch

There are some great advantages to wearing a smartwatch. Take a look through the top reasons why having one is worth your money:


Most people, especially those who are in the corporate world, need to be in touch with the world at all times. Whether it’s an email, call, or SMS, it is essential for them to see these notifications right away. What’s good is that you can personalize the interaction that goes through your watch and when you want to get your messages. It also gives you the flexibility to not accept all messages and calls and can select the apps that you want to receive notification from. Some watches also let you choose the way you want to be notified. It let you choose between on-screen, vibration, or both.

Healthy Lifestyle

If you decide to get a smartwatch, not only do you get to see different watch faces, but you are also getting tons of fitness tracking activities that will help you reach your goals and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Each smartwatch offers different features, some watch doesn’t have a tracker for swimming, but some have. However, it should not be a big deal because you can still be sure that you will be able to track many types of exercises as well as see your progress from day one. If your goal is to work on getting fit, then having a smartwatch is a good investment. Be sure to do your research and check what smartwatch fits your best interest.

Connect to the World

While companies cannot still see smartwatches as a substitution for mobile phones, we can clearly say that it can help everyone when it comes to interacting with messages and calls. Smartwatches nowadays can let you make and answer calls and reply to text messages so that you don’t need to take out your phone regularly, especially if you are in crowded places. This feature is also useful when you are having a quick run and don’t want to miss a single call or message.

Entertainment Features

The next main reason why smartwatches are worth buying these days than giving you easy access to all your notification is the entertainment apps that comes with it. You can connect your wireless earphones to your watch via Bluetooth and cast your favorite music straight from your smartwatch. Plus, you are not just stuck with one app. You can download apps from your respective app store and get your music streaming provider to entertain you. If you are looking for the best watches for music lovers, you may check out Galaxy Watch from Samsung. Other than streaming your favorite song, you can also listen to the radio and your saved product to keep you entertained.

Cons of Having a Smartwatch

Despite the advantages of having a smartwatch, it is also fair to include some drawbacks in this article that you need to consider. Yes, having a smartwatch is a good accessory for everyday use, especially if you are into notifications and entertainment. However, it is also good to consider which type of watch suits your needs and budget. The most popular smartwatches these days range from $200 to $500 that includes more or less the features that you want. Take your time in deciding if you need a smartwatch and if it’s okay with you to shell out some big amount of cash.

Since smartwatches offer you a lot of apps that you can use to keep you notified and entertain, it also consumes battery than can leave you from charging it within the day. It may not be a problem for some, but for those who want to keep track of everything they do, it is something that you need to consider.

If you like to feel connected with the world around you and gives you the power to be in control, there is nothing wrong with switching from traditional watches to a smartwatch. If you are sold with the benefits of having one, We recommend you still research the watch that fits you. Always keep in mind that the best is not always the perfect fit for everyone.

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