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JUMIA-Kenya’s Day at Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children’s Home


JUMIA-Kenya’s Day at Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children’s Home

On the 23rd of December 2014 Jumia Kenya spent a day at the Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children’s home as part of this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility and to put a smile on a less privileged child during this festive season.

Jumia  staff spent the whole day with the kids engaging in different activities that involved mentor-ship sessions, games and experience sharing. Ecstatic display of acrobats, traditional dances and choral verse marked the day.

Speaking at the centre Managing Director, Jumia Kenya Parinaz Firozi said, “We are pleased to be part of a child’s joy this Christmas season. Jumia has grown by double digits and we look forward to sponsoring bigger CSR events next year thanks to our esteemed customers.”

JUMI-Kenya's Day at Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children's Home

Tabitha a caretaker of the centre said, “I am humbled by Jumia’s visit and I hope more companies can come to our aid, thanks to Jumia our children will smile this festive season. I am overwhelmed.”

About Tumshangilieni Mtoto Home

JUMIA-Kenya's Day at Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children's HomeOn the eve of  12 July 1994, 15 street children who had been coached by the award winning late Kenyan actress, Anne Wanjugu, in the film Usilie Mtoto wa Afrika, performed for the first time before a capacity audience of UN officials in Nairobi’s National Theatre.

The kids received a standing ovation and Shangilia was born.

Since then, Tumshangilieni, the official name of Shangilia (rejoice) in Kenya, has shown the awesome transforming power of love and realized the Objectives and Rights of the Child by offering nearly 300 former street children , vulnerable children  with a secure home, counseling, health care, education and outreach combined with immersion in the performing arts which has been a powerful way to address the immediate vulnerabilities of street children.

JUMI-Kenya's Day at Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children's Home

Through creative public performances, the children have exposed and sensitized eager audiences throughout Kenya and as far afield as Zimbabwe, Germany, Bangkok, Italy, Greece and the USA to their talents and the predicament of those still living on the streets.

About Jumia Kenya

Jumia  is Kenya’s leading online shopping destination. Customers across the country can choose from the widest assortment of high quality products and brands at affordable prices – offering everything from fashion, consumer electronics, Home appliances to beauty products. Several months ago, JUMIA opened up its online marketplace platform allowing merchants and its brands to reach a wider audience.

JUMIA-Kenya's Day at Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children's Home

JUMIA operates in Kenya, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, UK, and Tanzania.

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