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Lagos; Enroll Your Children in Co-Creation Hub’s Maker Club Program

by Milicent Atieno

Photo Credit: CCHub

A Lagos-based open living and pre-incubation space, Co-Creation Hub, is running a program geared towards grooming little kids into becoming little computer whiz kids. The program is being run by Co-Creations Hub’s Maker Club, a club set up to teach kids the fundamentals of computer programming.

Maker Club’s programs are fashioned in such a way that the kids will remain involved in computer programming learning throughout the year. Although, it runs as a weekend club every fortnight where kids aged 5 – 8 years old are taught all the fundamentals of computer programming. All kids are eligible to enter the program, whether or not they have any prior programming knowledge.

The Maker Club program places kids in different classes based on their age and experience in programming. There is the AniMaker Juniors, the AniMakers and HardWebbers class.

The Maker Club program will start September 19th running through to September 26th, 2015. All the classes will be conducted at the Co-Creation Hub premises in Lagos Nigeria, beginning at 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Previous program similar to the Maker Club program by Co-Creation Hub was the Summer of Code for kids. That program taught kids on how to code, hardware front of the computer and its accessories and how to think creatively.

If you are a parent living in and around Lagos Nigeria and would like to introduce your kids to computer programming, you can apply to have your kids register for the Maker Club Computer Programming lessons here.

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