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List of Things Draining your Smartphone Battery Fast and how to stop them

by Milicent Atieno
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It is said, we now walk around with more processing power than it took to land the first man on the moon; if they ever landed a man on the moon. However, the electrical power it takes to charge our mobile devices, batteries, are decades down the evolution ladder compared to the evolutions the hardware and software running the devices.

No doubt there hasn’t been an as significant improvement in battery life and performance compared to hardware and software on these mobile devices, and it cuts across all devices. Even the very best of electronic mobile devices, when it comes to battery performance, there is a lot to be desired.

List of Things Draining your Smartphone Battery Fast

Weak Cellular and Wireless Signals

When you are using your mobile device in an area with spotty network signal, your phone will have to work harder to find and maintain a connection. The harder your phone works, the more power it demands from your battery. That is why, using your phone while out in the countryside, a road tunnel, or a concert with many people gathered in one place – all these places have spotty signals – your battery runs out of juice faster. The only remedy to this problem would be to try as much as possible to remain in areas with strong network signals, but sometimes you can’t help it, so carry a power bank or make sure you will have access to wall power outlet.


Some apps spring up to life immediately you switch on your phone, especially the ones that run in the background. They are constantly updating their content and accessing the internet. These apps are the biggest culprits when you’re looking for things draining your battery faster. To stop them, you need to restrict their background activities; though there are some apps you cannot do that if you want things running smoothly.

Extreme Temperatures

Most smartphone batteries are made of lithium-ion components. These components sure do perform better than other alternatives that would have been used to make batteries, but they have a major weakness. They are not tolerant of too hot or too cold temperature. It is advised that you keep your smartphone out of locked stationary vehicles parked outside where they’re exposed to the elements of weather. The same applies to window ledges where the device will get exposed to the elements of weather.

When the battery gets overheated, it has a far worse destruction that when it gets too cold. That is because the chemical substances inside the battery do decompose away under high temperatures and when it finally cools down, the damage would have been too great. However, when the battery is cooled down too much, it has been observed it will underperform but there is no doubt that heat does more damage than cooling.

Location tracking

When you use GPS function on your phone, the phone works extra harder and drains the battery faster. However, most recent Android and iOS mobile OS versions have gotten more efficient in running the GPS functionality without too much battery drain. However, these are an only marginal improvement and if you want your battery to last longer, you are better off turning the GPS function until when you need it.

Repeated Charging

Compared to phones in the pasts, modern phones’ batteries have actually improved when it comes to phone charge-discharge cycle. Phones in the yesteryears required you to completely drain the battery, before charging it to the maximum. For longevity of the battery life, one had to adhere strictly to this charge cycle, and more often than not you will find yourself leaving the house at 20% charge and not willing to charge your phone, only for the battery to run flat during the middle of the day.

However, today’s phones’ batteries will have a longer lifespan if you keep a constant charge level of between 40-80 percent. The good thing about that is you can easily plan your charge and recharge cycle and never be caught off guard with a flat battery.

Big bright displays

You have noticed a trend where most people gravitate towards owning phablets, those smartphones with over 5-inch displays. While they give you richer experience in terms of on-screen typing, video watching, reading, playing video games, and using apps. They come at a heavy toll on your batteries; the bigger the display, the more juice it sucks out of the battery per given time.

If you can go for a smaller display, you will save yourself more battery life, otherwise reducing the brightness and time it takes before the screen dims and turns off will save you plenty of battery hours.

Loud Audio

The louder the audio, the more the juice get it sucks out of your battery. So playing music or making calls via the loudspeakers as opposed to using the earpiece or earphones, drains your phone faster. The same applies to when you are watching videos on Netflix or YouTube, the audio is loud and consumed much more battery power.

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