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Microsoft files a patent for Edge browser that will delete your X-rated browsing automatically

by Felix Omondi
edge browser

At the risk of sounding sexist, here we go; Microsoft has filed a new patent that could save men from ruining their marriages or relationships. Well, stats by Pornhub shows 3 out of 4 visitors to X-rated content are men.

Microsoft’s new patent will save you in those instances you got careless enough as to leave your browsing history after visiting pornographic websites. Then your better half learns of your lusting at other people, leading to chaos in your relationship.edge browser

The new patent, dubbed ‘AUTOMATION OF BROWSING MODE SWITCHING’ will automatically delete your browsing history whenever you visit sites of ‘questionable’ content on your PC. The inventor says:

Some websites, however, include content that a users may not want associated with the user’s identity or with their device. Thus, many web browsers include a ‘private mode’ that enables a user to view a website while minimizing data that is retained that can be used to indicate that the user visited the website. Typical private mode implementations, however, require a user to proactively initiate the private mode in a browser before visiting a website which is to be scrubbed from a device.

According to implementations for automation of browsing mode switching described herein, techniques are described for automatically switching between different browsing modes, such as switching between a normal browsing mode and a private browsing mode.”

How will Edge determine the website that have X-rated contents and which one don’t. What is the threshold for marking a site pornographic; this could be subjective, and there are numerous Instagram accounts that are on the verge of being pornographic. Would Edge mark social media platforms as well as being too X-rated? How will it tell the difference between nudity meant for medical and educational purposes from the erotic one?

There is no saying if this feature will ever make it to Edge stable version, but you can’t deny the browser needs something special to attract users from the browser market big wigs like Chrome. You can dig into what the patent entails at this link.

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