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Microsoft returns Skype chat feature back to beta

by Milicent Atieno

Microsoft has heeded calls by beta users to return the Skype chat feature. The feature, though was at odds with users when Microsoft introduced it, was removed without any prior communication.

Leading to an uproar by users who became accustomed to connecting with their Skype contacts while on the platform. You can see some of the customer complaints here.

Microsoft returned Skype chat to beta just a few days ago. However, you still cannot get the full Skype functionality, just the chat feature only. Microsoft has promised more development on both the Outlook and Skype fronts will be upcoming in the near future. In a statement, Microsoft said:

More improvement to the Skype integration will come in the future, but for now, please enjoy the upgraded Skype chat experience!”

If you log into the stable version (non-beta) of, Skype offers you both voice and video chat feature. Users are hoping, at the very least, a similar feature will be available to the beta before the site is rolled out to the regular users.

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