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How to create Gmail Signature on your Computer or Smartphone

by Felix Omondi
gmail signature

Email has become a very important part of our professional lives, though a few people use email for personal communications. Isn’t that why we have social media platforms for? Nonetheless, when emailing, you really want to put forward your best foot. In a manner that will advance your professional career growth.

Did you know email signature can serve as a free marketing tool for your professional skills or business? Yes, putting a line or two at the end of your email, enables the receiver know a little bit more details about you. The best part, is your email message content does not have to deviate from the issue you two were talking about. Yet at the bottom of the email, you can add a link or a description about you or your business, that will accentuate your profession or business.

How to create Gmail Signature

Google provides one of the best emailing platforms, in terms of user experience and accessibility. Back in the days when feature phones ruled, you could access your Gmail on a much more inferior feature phone, compared to Yahoo Mail.

Ever since, Google has polished the platform greatly. Compared to the alternative Gmail always comes up top. And it can also help you accentuate your brand or business if you create a Gmail Signature.

Creating Gmail Signature on Android or iPhone

Launch the Gmail app, go to Menu button (the three small lines running horizontally) at the top left corner. Next, scroll down to Settings, and then click on the email address for which you want to set the signature; if you have signed into multiple signature

Then scroll down to Signature. Tap on it and the next screen will bring you a pop up with a text field. Enter the signature that you want to use and tap on ok. Going forward, all emails you write or forward will include your signature. It is that simple!gmail signature

Creating Gmail Signature on your Computer

Launch your browser, log in to your Gmail account, and on the left panel of the page, click on Menu then scroll down to signature

A popup menu will appear, click on Settings on the left panel, then slide on the slider on the right panel. Type your signature on the text field and then click on DONE at the signature

If you created the email signature using the illustration above, then you should skip this part. And if you started creating the Gmail Signature using this illustration, then there will be no need for doing the same on your mobile phone.

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