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MyLiFi: A desktop Lamp Stand that beams Internet Connection to your Laptop

by Felix Omondi

As expected with CES, new cutting-edge technologies were to be unveiled. At this year’s CES, MyLiFi desktop lampstand was unveiled. This lamp though looks like your average desktop lamp, does beam internet connection to your laptop.

The MyLiFi lamp uses infrared light to give your devices wireless internet connection. It does not use Wi-Fi technology. Instead, it relies on infrared. This technology is ideal for individuals who for one reason or the other do not want to use Wi-Fi technology, but still, want the connecting their devices to the internet wirelessly.

Some individuals swear being around Wi-Fi networks gives them a headache or just messes up with their general good health. Often such individuals find it hard to live in urban areas where they are bound to get Wi-Fi network from their neighbors, at their workplace, at the coffee shop, inside public transport means, or even when simply walking down the streets.

In severe circumstances, there have been reported cases of such individuals running away from big cities and towns and finding refuge in remote small towns where such technology have little to no footprint. MyLiFi presents an alternative wireless internet connection to such individuals.

MyLiFi features

For starters, it works pretty well as a lamp. Giving you enough lighting for your desktop workspace. You can even change the color from warm to cool light. It comes with a mobile app that you can use to control it and set timers. The pro version includes a light sensor that makes the light turn on, off, and adjust brightness in accordance with the room’s lighting.

The MyLiFi lamp is made up of two parts, a lamp, and a dongle. The dongle connects to your computer’s USB port for power. The internet connection, like mentioned earlier, is being delivered via infrared, not the visible light. That is to say, the light can be off, while you still remain connected to the internet.

Most computers do not have infrared receiver hardware, thus to use the MyLiFi lamp, you will need an infrared dongle inserted into your USB port to receive the signals from the lamp. You will notice a cable running through the center of the circular light lamp. That is simply the infrared hardware beaming the internet down to a receiver, which will be in the form of a dongle connected to your laptop.

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