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New “Buy Me a Pie” Released for iOS 7

by Fahad Saleem

New “Buy Me a Pie” Released for iOS 7

The grocery shopping list app for iOS, Buy Me a Pie has now been updated with new features that include advanced list sharing, and the private lists. The app has stepped into the new era as these updates are virtually the redesign of the app.

Like its predecessor, it will certainly play the role of an indispensable tool at a store. It contains your desired features that were initially missing. This app is fully compatible with iOS 7 and allows you to take full advantage of your device. The application contains an innovative design. From now onwards, it will store and display the list of items with their brief details that people like to add. The app understands that you would love to add certain brands, flavors, and models.

After its visual restoration, the most significant improvement in the update is the ability to separate different lists of shopping to share with different accounts. Although, you could easily share the shopping lists, yet it wasn’t possible to restrict the sharing to that specific shared list. The friends were able to view all the shared lists.

It is now possible to share different lists with different groups of people all the time. Of course, you can easily share the lists with the non-users through conventional methods such as email or SMS.

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The list that you don’t share will be considered as private. The main idea is that you might require keeping a secret gift list away from the curious eyes of the people that try to share access to the lists present in your account.

You now have the option to copy the list to your clipboard to paste it anywhere, and store up to 20 lists instead of just 8. The app is available not only on iOS, but also for Android and the Web. However, the latest features have not been introduced yet to Android, but they are reportedly on the way.

In short, the new version is simply not an update of the previous version; it’s a complete redesign from the scratch containing great features.

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