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New Google Sheets release automates creation of Pivot Tables

by Felix Omondi
google sheets

In today’s world, data mining is the ultimate source of business intelligence. However, data mining does not apply to just big corporations who have top-notch actuaries on their payrolls to make out meaning out of this data. You as a small business or a financial planner planning for your monthly household expenditure could benefit a lot if you took advantage of data mining, and Google Sheets is a great place to start crunching those data into useful information.

Google Sheets like other spreadsheet programs out there can do the number crunching for you and give you an intuitive representation of the stats in the form of tables and charts among other presentation forms. Novice users often find data analysis tools like pivot tables complex and cumbersome to use, so we leave that to the spreadsheets gurus.

Often you will find most office workers resort to begging for assistance from that one guy in the office who has been patient enough to learn the intricate spreadsheet applications. The gurus often feel like demi-gods when compared to the mere mortals who have not been empowered with the knowledge to apply spreadsheet tools.

Well, Google has now elevated the mere mortals to the demi-god status by integrating artificial intelligence into Google Sheets. Going forward, if you want to use pivot tables to pull meaning information from a list of data, simply go to the Explore feature, and find the new AI tool Google has added to automate the use of the pivot tables.

While the creation of the pivot tables is not the optimal use of data mining by itself, it is a step forward for novice users looking to do some number crunching and data interpretation on the fly. Google’s idea is to automate some of the number crunching and data interpretation so that even the novice user can make meaningful.

Instead of you scratching your head on how to create a pivot table, Google Sheet under the Explore feature will suggest the pivot table depending on the data at hand. For using Pivot Tables, you will no longer need the services of a spreadsheets guru anymore; everyone can now do it on the fly. Once you have created the Pivot Table, Google has also added some new UI to make your presentation appealing to the sheets pivot tables

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