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Microsoft puts new stringent security on externally shared files on OneDrive and SharePoint

by Felix Omondi

At the September 25-29, 2017 Microsoft Ignite the company announced it will be rolling out new security measures for files and folders shared externally from both OneDrive and SharePoint in Office 365.

Well, Microsoft has rolled out that new security feature to all Office 365 users across the world. The security measure will apply to both links shared within an organization as well as those shared externally.

As an additional security layer, Office 365 creators/owners of a particular document or folder can create shareable links to anyone; from within and outside the organization. The creator/owner can set up an additional layer of security by requiring the recipient of the link to verify their identity before accessing the shared files or folder.

When the recipients if from outside the organization, they will get an email notification with a time-limited, and single-use verification code they can use to open the link. The recipient must use the verification code to be allowed access to the shared file or folder. They do that to prove ownership of the email to which the secured link was sent.


Credit: MSPowerUser

In a nutshell, Microsoft is giving IT Admins power to control who gets to view the organization’s files and folders, for how long, and exactly what they can do with it. The Admins can also ask the external recipient to re-verify their email addresses at any point in time they feel the need. The recipient will be reissued with a new code to prove they are the owners of the email address granted access.

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