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New Spin on Multitasking: Future Windows 10 could be running Apps in Tabs instead of separate Windows

by Milicent Atieno

WeHaving been burned by the all-too-sudden UI overhaul with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has learned its lesson – the hard way – that the only way to go with innovation is C2B. Not, B2C, as it did with Win 8, where all of a sudden it eliminated the Start Menu and introduced a clunkier UI.

A lot of Windows PC users felt rudely disrupted by the abruptness and intensity of changes in the UI with the release of Win 8. Nonetheless, research and development geared toward innovation is the lifeline of any tech company wanting to compete in the 21st century.

That said, Microsoft launched a Windows Insider program where it conduct dry runs on new features it plans to introduce to Windows 10 OS. This group of beta software users will determine whether or not Microsoft will release the feature into the stable channels; based on their feedback after using the new features.

A new Spin on Multitasking, Apps running in Tabs called Sets

Currently, when you open one application program on your Windows PC, it opens as one Window. Open another app, now you got two Windows; could be side by side or one over the other one. The more apps you open, the more side by side Windows you will get.

This design works great when you are multitasking, one Windows could have your Word processor, the other have a YouTube video, and the next have an instant chat app. You can arrange the Windows in such a way you can view the important sections; that way you can work on your Word document, watch your YouTube video, while still chat with a friend on Messenger.

Well, Microsoft is of the idea that this design is getting old, and it’s time for some change. However, the change will not hit you on the face all too sudden like Win 8 did, instead the feature is currently in tests in the Windows Insider program

Sets as Windows

You know how browsers works; you open one website then open a new tab then open a different website, so you get two websites opened simultaneously side-by-side on the same browser Window?

Well, Microsoft is working on new feature called Sets that will mimic browser tabs formation to avail different applications. As it works out, each Windows will become a new tab, and within each tab different apps running, but they are all in one pane.

Take, for instance, the example we used above. One Set (think of it as tab) will have your Word Processor, the next Set have your YouTube playing on a browser, and the next Set have the Facebook Messenger app.

The goal will be to have you not juggle between the different Windows opened at the same time. Instead, have all your applications opened across one pane within different Sets and each Set hosting the various applications you are using as you multitask.

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