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Nigeria’s Mining Ministry spends $2 Million on developing an Online Portal to Ease Doing Business

by Milicent Atieno
online portal

Nigeria’s Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD) has spent N700 million ($1.97 million) in developing an Integrated Automation and Interactive GIS Web Portal geared towards Ease-of-Doing-Business within the mining sector.

The Minister, Kayode Fayemi, announced the launch event of the portal that took place yesterday in Abuja. Fayemi emphasized that the online portal was a cutting-edge program leveraging on innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness that comes with the latest technology relevant to the mining sector.

Fayemi, further emphasized that the bottom line of the project was to avail relevant information and knowledge to users while promoting investment in the sector. The ministry firmly believes that this technology-driven approach in mining will go a long way in boosting the country’s GDP.

Some of the services users can get off the portal include doing online mining license registration, payment of royalties and fees, mineral title applications, database for revenue drive and helps the government in blocking revenue leakages.

The portal also gives users (mostly mining investors) credible and timely market information. They can also perform queries online, get some business intelligence/analytics, gets statistical data and reports generation.

Investors can also view all current mining titles and even track them across the globe from the portal. They can also access all relevant government agencies, global mining news, document library, and live chats among others. The portal also displays a list of mining operators who have valid mining licenses, information on related mineral trade on private mineral buying centers and renewal of private mineral buying centers.

Fayemi said, “This event is coming at a very auspicious time, on a broad scale; dividends of this administration’s commitment to turning around our economic fortunes.”

He further said that Nigeria, as a country has moved up 24 points in the global market ranking of ease of doing business index 2018, in a report that was recently released by the World Bank. He also says that Nigeria is one of the top 10 most improved economies in the world.

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