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‘Noted’ – The Best and simplest note taking App

by Fahad Saleem

Taking notes is an act almost everyone does. You hear something important, knowledgeable or wise and you want to jot it down somewhere. Now taking out a pen and writing it down somewhere you’ll always look is a tough task, but almost all everyone has a smartphone. Why not type take notes on it? People are always checking their phones every minute anyway. The problem is, most note-taking apps aren’t really that great. They’re not simple, they try to be complex and offer “great” features that have little to do with the actual note-taking.

This is why Noted is the best note-taking app. What this app does is that it makes note-taking, as simple as possible. How does it make it simple? Well, to make a note, all you do is pull down the page. The option to create a note will appear along with many colors. Each note can be different colors. Swipe horizontally and you can flip through all your notes. To see an entire list of your notes, pinch two fingers on the screen and a list will appear. And last but not least, to shred a note, just swipe two fingers towards the right of the screen and your note is gone.

noted app - 1

So why is it better than the other apps that take notes? Because it’s extremely simple, unlike those other apps. Other apps try to put in useless features that take away the simplicity of note-taking. Noted has made note-taking just like the real life sticky notes we make. They’re colorful, can be made easily and can be thrown away just as easily too. That’s what Noted does. It brings the real life concept of note-taking into an app version. It’s a complete gestured-based app, you won’t have to click buttons on the screen or anything like that. The gestures required to make, view and delete notes are regular and simple gestures people do on their phone screens everyday. It’s not like the app is asking for complex gestures. Noted offers the best note-taking experience of any app. The time it takes to load the app is fast, so if you need to jot something down quickly, Noted will be ready before you even think about what you need to type. It’s colorful, quick and not cluttered.

app noted

Notes can be shared by Twitter, email and SMS. A great note-taking app is a must for most people, Noted is the best one out. It’s completely free and available on the Appstore.

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